Original title: Walking down the battlefield or "Iron Ridge" at the end of 1982, retired back to Yangzheng, Shandong Zaozhuang, did not arrange according to organizational arrangements, and head to the local Rongjun Restaurant.

  In 1979, Yangzheng, which is not long-last year, has become a border battle with the troops.

In a fierce battle, Yangzheng, who took the initiative to use grenades, fried the enemy fierce bunker, and opened the situation for us. Head, the legs are injured, he still can’t overline and continue to fight. After the battle, he was smashed by the heavy injury, and the air waves of the shells were hidden a few meters away, the lungs and left leg were injured, and the right eye was blown out. After the battle, Yang Zun became a two-class work, and the third-class work was all erated, and he was evaluated as a first-class disabled soldier. "I have my arms and legs, but my eyes have disabilities, and they can do some work that can work, but also contribute to society.

"After returning to the country, Yang is successively went to the Juzhuang City Shanting District Commission for Discipline Inspection and the local cement plant, the Grain Bureau and other units. No matter where the position is, he always maintains the posture of the charge.

  In 1990, Yang Zheng was selected to go to the village of Longwangcang Village, Xuzhuang Township, Shanting District. Yang Zheng became the same life with the villagers, leading everyone to repair the road, building dam, the village has changed every day.

At the end of the village of Yang, the villagers of Longwang Tang Village took his hand and he kept him to leave.

  When working in the local cement plant, Yang Zheng became the top of the top of more than 50 meters high.

With a spirit of desperate Sanlang, Yang Zi became a cement plant leading to the long-term suspended cement factory to become a total tax in the region. Dare to pick up the big beam, hard work, Yang Zi is called "iron ridge" by everyone, where it can hold a day. He has received honors such as "Shandong Labor Model" and "Qilu’s most beautiful retired soldiers", and in October 2009, he also served as the 60th anniversary of the establishment of New China in October 2009. "The party and the government gave me a lot of honors, I have to do more real thing!" Yang is often reminded to remind himself.

In 2018, Yang Zhi became a retired obligation to make patriotism reports, preaching the party and the military. He also actively played the waste of heat, and he can solve problems for the retired soldiers.

He heard that the retired soldiers Zhang Yuxiu launched behind the family, calling on the comrades to help him pay the pension insurance. After the local retired military affairs department learned that Zhang Yuqiu learned from the actual situation of Zhang Yuxiu, he specially arranged a public welfare position to solve his employment challenge. (Yan Jingqiang) (Editor: Wen Wei, Li Yihuan) Sharing let more people see.