Recently, the Chinese Foreign Wood Bureau "Learn the Classroom" invites Party history to learn the members of the Education Central Propaganda Group, and Li Junru, Vice President of the Central Party School. Director of China ‘s Foreign Work Bureau Du Zhanyuan, Lu Cai, deputy director, and Liu Dadai.

Li Junru, in combination with the Chinese Communist Party’s 100-year history, fully reviewing the main content of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s "July", in-depth interpretation of the "National Great Rejuvenation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s" The Historical Process of Inverse Return " The historical background and the era of the times, explained in detail the understanding and thinking of the second hundred years of struggle and the spirit of the great Justice party, and the speech is specifically analyzed in the "nine must be" the "nine must be" mainly based on history. " Lu Cai stressed that in the host lecture, the overall situation should continue to learn from the spirit of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the core content of the "July" important speech of General Secretary of Xi Jinping as the core content of party history, eating spiritual essence, grasp the practice requirements, and earnestly put the thoughts and actions to speak to the speech In the spirit, strengthening the foreign agriculture and research interpretation of the spirit of the speech, promoting the new progress of the party history education and education. Party members and cadres’ employees said that the lecture theme is clear, rich in content, focusing, and vivid cases, help accurately grasping the core essentials and rich connotations of "July" important speech in Xi Jinping, the profound connotation of great understanding of the spirit of great understanding Play an important role in the value of the times. The bureaus leadership team members, all cadres and staff of the Bureau, the office of all units (middle) cadres, middle and senior experts, business backbone representatives, and personnel cadres, etc., in the Board Department and each division .

(Contributed by: China Foreign Work Office Party Committee) (Editor: Zhang Li): Zhang Li issued: Zhong Ming).