Original title: The Battle of the Qingfeng Store: "Creating a New Record of Jincu Yuki War" The Campaign of the Qingfeng Store is the period of the War of Liberation, and the Jinchao Dano Army was performed in the northern region of Pinghan Railway Ding County.This battle, the total number of enemies reached more than 10,000 people, giving the North China enemy strike with a heavy blow, and obtained the first major victory after the Jincha Yuen War army transferred to the strategic attack.After the war, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Military Commission highly praised this victory, saying that its "New Record of Jinci Yuki" is a huge significance for the development of your district battle. "The premise of mobilizing the enemy as a prerequisite for the implementation of exercise, "causing to people" is an important combat principle in the Sun Tzu, that is, combat should mobilize the enemy without being mobilized by the enemy.

The implementation of sports and annihilation, prerequisites are to fully mobilize the enemy and create a battlefield situation that is conducive to the enemy.

In mid-September 1947, the Northeast Democratic coalition was launched a violent autumn offensive. Chiang Kai-shek had to transfer 3 divisions from the Jinchai area. In order to effectively contain the enemy, with the northeast battle, I Jin Yu Deno War army according to the enemy of North China, "attacking the necessary rescue", determined to take his strength to empty, siege Xu Water To mobilize the enemy reinforcement, create a favorable battlefield situation, and strive to destroy the enemy in the exercise. On October 11th, Jincha Yu Military people unified actions, to Baoding North Railway, the road launched the whole line, the Kuomintang defensive point line was destroyed from seventeen eight. On the evening of the 13th, the Jinchai Dano Army’s second column launched a violent attack to Xu Shuicheng.

Chiang Kai-shek, who was in the town, saw the spirit of the liberation army, and Xu Shui-Ten Dynasty, and the director of the Yugui Prociptals of the Yugui Prociptals, the transfer of 12 steps and 1 war group, along the Gucheng, and the Yongcheng first-line head and reinsurable Xu Water.

Because the enemy aid force is strong and the formation is intensive, I am stunned to the 16th, still in the glue state. The Jinchao Wild War Army The commander believes that the continued confrontation is extremely unfavorable to our army. In order to further mobilize the enemy, the enemy is dispersed, and the main force will move to the Pinghan line, Yao Village, inception, and wait for the enemy.

This west is moving, so that the enemy mistakenly believes that the Liberation Army is inadequate, which is in the dynamic land. It is a chance to fight. Chiang Kai-shek immediately ordered Sun Lianzhong, the third army in Shijiazhuang, in the northern part of Baoding, prepared to prepare the South-North Fix Jinchao Dano War.

Roills the army’s rumor, for my Jincha Yongfan army in the north of Shijiazhuang, Baoding, and the district area, and created a favorable battlefield.

  Quick mobile, the key link to the premimeter as the implementation of the exercise, Mao Zedong said: "One of the characteristics of sports war is its liquidity, not only permit, but also requires a big step in the wilderness army." "Everything ‘walk’ is" Play ‘, all of our strategic campaigns is based on the base point of’ play ‘. "In the Battle of the Qingfeng Store, Jincha Yongfan Army in order to achieve the fighting target of the war in sports, grasp the implementation The key link of the annihilation battle is not only flexible, but also captures the enemy fighters in time, and through the fast motor force, the advantage is formed in the unique strength of the enemy.

On the afternoon of October 17, the Jincula’s War Army commander Yang Shuzhi received the telegram on the way to the west movement, and learned that Luo Zhizhao’s third army is from the northward, preparing to prepare an important situation in the North and South to attack our army.

He immediately realized that the entire battle will have a major change, proposal: "Catch Rowan as soon as possible, take off him, annihilate him! This enemy is sent to the door, the fighter is really rare!" Immediately adjust the combat plan, continue in a military force Baoding, the main force of the battlefield, the main force of the enemy, concentrated the advantage of about 40,000 people, rapidly moving along both sides of the Pinghan Railway, bypassing Baoding, south, surrounding the enemy in the Qingfeng store area. The Qingfeng Store is located in the south of Fang Shunqiao, which will be passed by the 3rd Military North, has no incident, and is the liberation area, which is the favorable battlefield of the enemy. Because there is no radio station on the way, the Field Army can only ask the central and Jinculazi Military Region, while commanding the Xijin Force to transfer the Rollu Ministry.

Yan Yu wrote in the memoir, "from the military telegram, it took more than 20 minutes to make the final decision." In order to seize the winning machine, all the war members regardless of all casualties, consume, fatigue, " In advance, I rushed to the Qingfeng Store, and I was firmly caught by the slogan of Rogu, I will enter the south. After a day and night, I have been 20 kilometers to the Qingfeng store.

The Wild Wars Army troops are not steady, and they will annihilate.

The so-called "The main speed of the soldiers, the passenger can’t have, from the way to attack," to attack it. "

  Standardly, put the enemy to increase the powerful guarantee of the implementation of the exercise, "the ancient good use of soldiers, can make the enemy do not come to the nephew, all widowed."

In the Battle of the Qingfeng Store, in order to contain Xu Wizsu, the enemy of the enemy will prevent the universal war of the enemy’s main force by the enemy’s north and north clavles, realize the combat of the main force of the Qing Dynasty, and the effective resistance of Qibei, which has become the success or failure of the entire battle. key.

The Jincha Yongfan army served as an impedance force with 4 travel power, and built a large depth of defense in the north of Xu Wizsu, with the attack, with the melee, the night battle, and the white blade fight against the enemy.

Under the slogan of "the victory of the new battle, blocking the enemy", the army is with the unstruthful, tenacious, stubbornly, stopped 4 days and night, and steading the continuous attack of more than 10 teams of the enemy, hysteresis consumption Anti-strength, so that the enemy has further paid a great price and has never broken through our army’s rugged line. The resistance of the disguised team has devoted the hardships of the United States and strongly guarantees the victory of the main combat. This battle, the Jincha Yongfan army resolutely implemented the guiding ideology of Mao Zedong’s "must strive to mobilize the enemy’s sports", concentrate the strength, the emperor of the enemy, the besieged, and in the middle of the Sports Division 3rd Army main force.

The victory of this war has played a vital role in reversing the entire North China Warfarfound, and it has created favorable conditions for Shijiazhuang, the naivan, North China.