The first batch of national parks, so that the natural museum of all parts of the natural museum is unprecedented.

In the Jilin Provincial Natural Museum, the Northeast Tiger specimen became the "star" exhibits in the museum, and many audiences row the long team only for the style of "the king of the forest". Jilin Provincial Natural Museum and Northeast Normal University Natural Museum (hereinafter referred to as Jilin Provincial Natural Museum) was founded in 1987, its predecessor is the Natural Ministry of Museum of Jilin Province.

In 2001, the Natural Museum of Jilin Province was transferred to the management of Northeast Normal University to form the construction of "one card".

  Unique Jilin geographic elements, 100,000 specimens, special research practice education base … Since the self-construction museum, the Jilin Provincial Natural Museum has been committed to the protection and research of natural resources and biodiversity to raise public nature and cultural literacy and The awareness of ecological environmental protection is, focusing on building a modern natural museum in integrating research, collection research, cultural exchanges, and leisure experience.

  Changbai Mountain "moving" into the museum Jilin ecological environment, first beautiful in Changbai Mountain. The Natural Museum of Jilin Province put Changbai Mountain "moved" into the hall, let the audience carefully feel the charm of Changbai Mountain. Changbai Mountain has a complete temperate mountain ecosystem, from the foot to the top, with a significant change in elevation, climate, soil, vegetation, etc., showing natural landscape from temperature to the cold belt.

  The Jilin Provincial Natural Museum uses simulation simulation technology to miniature into the huge ecosystem of Changbai Mountain to the exhibition hall.

In the "Mountain Soul" exhibition area, the simulated vertical landscape has 6 floors high, and it is straight to the mountains, and the birds and beasts, "a mountain division, ten miles from different days", immersively feel Nature’s wonderful. First entering the deciduous broad-leaved forest area, the trees here, the forest is dense, and the birch and mountain poplar are unique landscape.

Looking up, the tree is inhabiting two whole body golden black pillows, as if they have a clear voice. The shadow of the shadow with a few flower hazelnuts.

  Go in the steps, a red pine forest is reflected in the eye. Here is the paradise of wild animals, more than 300 vertebrates in Changbai Mountain, most of which live in this area.

There is a black bear in the forest, standing next to the tree cave.

Black bear is poor, commonly known as "black slabs", but the sense of smell is more sensitive, swim, even can cross rapids.

  As the "sea level" rises, the vegetation becomes a coniferous forest from the broad-leaved forest.

The cold-resistant coniferous forest seasons are evergreen, and the unique tidal tree crown is strange. A head is elongated, the long boar is full of hard needles, and the mouth is blotting, and the opposite side of the northeast is confronted. The wild boar is timid, but the defense is extremely fierce. The Northeast Tiger is a national level to protect animals, fierce, cautious, alone, no fixed nest.

Director of the Northeast Tiger Leopard National Park Southern Region, the southern region of the Laoyue Ling, which was included in the first batch of national parks in October this year.

The stark contrast to the Northeast Tiger is a docile scorpion, they are kind and curious, once scared will quickly run away, but they often stop looking back after running.

  The steps gradually became steep, and there was a "Galaxy" over the cliff, which is the simulated long white waterfall.

Take a waterfall, like a jade belt, it is spectacular.

  Going up, the harsh natural environment makes the Jin Song that is not afraid, and only one of Yue Huolin survives.

On the wind rove, due to the blow, Yue Hua’s trunk grows toward the back wind surface, this unique distorted shape, like artist carefully sculptive works. Going to the top of the mountain, the line of sight is open.

Dwarf bushes, padded herbs and moss, land clothes, forming a vast carpet vegetation. Looking forward to the long-lived landscape of Changbai Mountain Tianchi.

Tianchi flower group brocade, beautiful. Due to the high elevation area, the flowers are growing here and the color is bright, and the flowers are short. Whenever the flower season is coming, all kinds of flowers are changing, beautiful and fascinating.

  Jilin stickers "ID card" Jilin black soil is famous, in fact, black soil is a general name that can be subdivided into multiple soil categories. The 192 representative soil categories have been proven to be proven in Jilin Province.

These soil specimens gathered together to the Natural Museum of Jilin Province, telling people to the vicissitudes of Jilin Di’an.

  At the museum soil research room, a bag of soil specimens is sequentially arranged.

There is a label on each bag, which is the "ID card" of the soil specimen, which records their labels, the collection year, and the latitude and longitude of the origin. In order to collect, these soil specimens, the Soil Staff of the Natural Museum of Natural Museum in Jilin Province spent 6 years. As early as the 1960s, the Museum of Museum has collected some representative soil specimens. However, it is a pity that it is limited by the technical level, and the collected soil specimens cannot be kept well long.

In 2014, the soil acquisition work was started again.

After hard work, in 2019, the staff finally set all the 192 representative soil samples in the province.

  After the acquisition work, measurement and identification will be made, and the soil production is specimen, classified, and show.

"The purpose of this work is to translate the ‘earth’ s mother ‘to the encyclopedia in the field of soil." Liu Yu, deputy director of the Natural Museum of Jilin Province.

In recent years, the black soil in Northeast is facing thinner and thinning.

"I hope that through the museum’s display, introduce, let the public have scientific understanding of the soil, and call on people to effectively protect while using the soil.

"Scientific analysis and research of soil samples, there is also an important significance for agricultural production and social life. In recent years, the University of Jilin University, Jilin Agricultural University, etc., has a deep cooperation with Jilin Natural Museum, exploration through research soil improves crop yield, monitoring Projects such as regional environmental changes. Growth knowledge is close to natural "About 1.7 million years ago, the fourth Ji Ji is beginning, the climate is cold in the northeastern China, ice and snow. I live in a group of cold-resistant mammals here, and they are like a long hair to adapt to the cold climate. "In the" Fadium World "exhibition area, a group of junior high school students listened to explanation, interesting in the fourth discipline of the Northeast my country, and this is the most complete in Jilin Songyuan in 1990. One of the rhinoceros skeleton fossils.

The coalescents have 2 angles, but because of the corners of the horny, it is not bone, and cannot be saved to become fossil. Next to it, it is a primitive bovine skeleton fossil unearthed from Jilin. The original cattle survived from the evening of the 400,000-year-annual night. The original cow fossil collection of the Natural Museum of Jilin Province is the most complete original cow skeleton fossil in Asia, which is called "treasure treasure". Mammoth is a huge thing in the Ice period, which has been widely distributed in the northern hemisphere in the northeast of China. In the exhibition hall, it reprimed the embarrassment of the scene, the fierce skull, the door tooth, the jaw, and the spine were buried in the soil. Entering the "Corner of Exploration", by watching images, you can learn about large vertebrate fossils found, excavate, repair, restore, and mounting.

  In the "Butterfly Valley" exhibition area, more than 1,000 rare butterfly specimens from around the world exhibited on the annular exhibition wall, opposite the sound-controlled pharmacist showed a life of the butterfly. From the origin, characteristics, characteristics of all kinds of butterflies, the body structure, defense mechanism, etc. of the butterfly, etc. Appreciate the butterfly specimens, you can also participate in the "Butterfly Exploration" experience activities. Children do their own to make butterflies specimens, hand-painted butterflies to make "stamps", grow knowledge in interesting activities. "Butterfly Exploration" is part of the "Probiless Nature" of the Brand Research Practice Education Activity of the Jilin Provincial Natural Museum in recent years. In addition, there are also a number of theme activities such as "Sky Beetle" "Bird Wild Identification" "Plant Mystery".

"’Explore the nature’ Let the children listen to nature’s voice in the city, feel the wonderful nature." Wang Yue, the long Wang Yiliang, the Jilin Provincial Natural Museum, is now, the relevant research courses are actively got out of the pavilion. Campus, enriched students’ cultural life, cultivating them to explore natural interests and protecting the awareness of the ecological environment. In recent years, the Natural Museum of Jilin Province combines its own advantages, and focus on building "National Science Education Base" "National Ecological Environment Science Base". The museum also establishes a partnership with the World Natural Foundation, jointly organized the topic education activities such as "Earth Hour" "World Tiger Day".

On the occasion of the "World Tiger Day" this year, the Jilin Provincial Natural Museum led everyone to take the tiger in the museum to learn about Tiger’s knowledge.

  Li Zhongyuan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Jilin Province, said: "The future will continue to work hard in the science education, collection research, interactive research, etc., to provide better platform for public growth knowledge, close to the public.

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