After taking this picture, as a general designer’s Gu Yufen, life first sits on the fighter, rushed to the blue sky! They have to catch up with the previous 歼 8.

This is a chasing at nearly 10,000 meters, close to death! 20 meters, 15 meters, 10 meters, 5 meters, have already touched the marginal boundary! The 歼 8 in front of you is very weird! Its latter is still filled with red wool lines, and Gu Huan 3 times risk is in order to this! There is no wind tunnel, no camera, no camera, 44 years ago, this is the experimental method of China’s fighter design! Such a crazy behavior, in history, never have passed, the future will have not! A problem that plagues his 10 years (八 跨 问题), this is the case! Is it afraid to die? If you sit in the front seat pilot, it should be his voice: the problem of life and death, it is solved when entering the line. Life and death, never had a position in his heart. This life and death is determined, in his 7 years old, it has been buds! He was 7 years old, he was woke up by the roar of the fighter, ran out of the door, he saw a group of Japanese fighters rushed together, from the top of the head, and then turned China’s land into a fire sea, and also Burned this primary school’s anger! In 1951, the 21-year-old college graduated from the Effeen, started his aircraft career in the north! At his 28-year-old summer, a silver aircraft (Die Jia 1) took off from Shenyang, landed. This Americans looked at the aircraft that I was too laughing, although I was joined, but I was the first in the ambitious Chinese fighter. Since it, the Chinese finally have a jetful airplane designed. Its R & D team is only 22 years old! As one of the most important heroes of the company, I learned from 0, and it is already a top expert in China’s aerodynamic design! 6 years later, only 30, who had become a deputy planner of China’s new fighters. At this time, an old man, because of thinking about his son, depression is disease, life has begun to count down! Because my brother passes too early, Gu Yuen’s mother Pan Chengguang always does not want the little son to leave home (Shanghai)! At the beginning of the 21st, 30 hours away from the 30 hours, and I went home once 1 year. Far in a thousand miles away, let her suffer from mental depression and gradually increase. She is unhappy, sitting in bed silently, imagining what her son is doing, is happy or sad, fat or thin.

She will quietly pull the curtains, worry about the weather, think the son will come back suddenly? In 16 years, a long-term long night, which has become dawn. But unable to disclose the mind, a layer of layer accumulates and put her in it.

In 1967, Pan Chengguang said in a melancholy, and it did not wait for a busy son. If you want your mother, you can’t have aviation! If you want the motherland, you can’t want your mother! In front of the mother’s tomb, the ancestral heart and bitterness of Gu Yufen said that? Nearly 90, mentioned mother, he still can’t help but sigh: "In order to engage in aviation, I will give my mother …" The mother’s death is also the beginning of the most difficult days of Yuffen and 歼 Ba. He took the day, compared to "one side, and rolling tape."

One night in the squat, he woke up from the nightmare, shouting the people around him! The pressure on his shoulders can be seen! In 1969, in the summer of his 39, the Ba Ba was born in his hand! But from the first flight to the design, he has passed 10 years! The beginning of the life and death, which is also his troops in the predicament, and the strong men’s arms! Cheng, Tiantian celebrates; death, living in the sky, is the romantic of the aviation! After the 歼 eight, she took the development of 歼 Ba II with the identity of the total designer.

He also won the reputation of "the father of 歼 8". He is also one of the important promoters of the country-owned large plane three sword passenger transport 20, C919, and AG600. But the big credit, from his mouth, let alone, "Nothing, I can only say that there is no virtuality, do something." He forgot to fall under the office in the office 30 years ago. Cover the researcher of the thick layer of snow.

That year, he ran overtime alone, and he couldn’t go back! He called Sun Xinguo, engaged in flight mechanics, did not leave a word, and work is particularly serious. Too many people, put youth, even life, all in it, so he will always disdain to talk about his own credit. ! 90 years old, he is still a busy "office worker", although he is suffering from cancer (rectal cancer, just rehabilitation period), 8 o’clock in the morning, still in the office, talking about the plane, will be eyebrow. This seems to be a cute old man in ordinary, there is a kind of aviation temperament, conscientious, low-key, humble, gentle. But he designed a plane, flipped through the ridge of the world, bird’s-eye viewing a big sea, caught up to 20,000 meters high. In his most soft and silent heart, it is quietly brewed in a lifetime. He is the only two hospital academician in my country’s aviation field! Producer: Kanzi Team: Zhou Competition Director: Yang Jianjin Hero Copy: Yang Jian Dubi: Li Nan Test: Zhang Jing Honor Produced: Military Science and Technology Well-unparalleled Outcome: China Science and Technology Association