People, Beijing, November 18 (Reporter Yang Xi) Currently, the "double carbon" target under the guidance of Chinese energy transition are facing new opportunities.

November 16, in the country organized by the China News Agency is the "China Energy" forum, the person online from home and abroad a number of industry participants, the key issues surrounding the construction of new power system, the process of transition to a new type of power system the role of coal conversion trends and other hot topics in depth. China Energy Research Society Academic Advisor, National Energy Research Institute director Zhou Dadi, former pointed out that China is an international leader in nuclear power, hydropower, new energy power generation technology and machines, as well as new energy consumptive and so on. Carbon energy system in the future and, we must establish a new zero-carbon electricity power system to the core, at the same time, we must accelerate the pace of development of non-fossil energy power.

He also said that reform of the electricity system innovation, to speed up the construction of zero-carbon electricity, which the price system reform has a key role. State Grid Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Li Jian believes that under the proposed "two-carbon" target in the Chinese context, the construction of new power system is a realistic energy transformation requirements need to face.

In the process of achieving this goal, the need to enhance the flexibility and security of the power system. Construction of new power system is a long-term process in stages, China’s power supply system is necessary to protect, but also pay attention to emission reduction task is arduous and urgent.

Meanwhile, in the process of building new power system, protect the power supply is maximum security, system security concept should be established to co-ordinate the operation of the safety system, only the "hands of grain" in order to achieve the hearts of more emboldened.

"Reshape the Chinese territory of Energy to accelerate the development of renewable energy, but also to boost regional economic development.

"Zou Energy Foundation CEO and President of China, said," according to the current scale, the western provinces of renewable energy generation revenue of about 800 billion yuan, equivalent to 9% of GDP in these regions.

With the increase of green electricity in the future of the earnings scale also doubled, wind power, photovoltaic, hydropower and other energy sources from west to east, from north to south, to the coastal areas of energy-intensive, so the formation of a new economic cycle and large energy cycle. "President of the Three Gorges Institute of Science and Technology, Sun Changping Group, said the development of water scenery storage integration, network integration of the source charge storage project, will become the mainstream mode of energy development, it is to enhance my country’s renewable energy consumptive and non-fossil energy level the proportion of consumption of the inevitable choice.

New Power System is a high proportion of new energy, a high proportion of power electronics, power system loads diversification and integrated energy storage technology.

Compared to the traditional power system, the new power system faces the new challenge of system stability and power balance at different time scale, and the scenery of the scenery is integrated, and the source network reservoir is an effective means to solve the problem. Deputy Secretary of Tsinghua University Xian Qin Jin pointed out that China improve the safety of hydrogen energy system, carbon neutral and has a very high strategic value. In the industrial field, hydrogen will play a major role in the alternative to raw materials and heat sources.

China has the world’s fastest growing energy and environmental needs, has great unique market advantage. Hydrogen can improve the safety of China to China, realize carbon and high strategic value. In the industrial field, hydrogen will play a major role in the alternative to the raw materials and heat sources, and will play an important role in the energy field, distributed power system, energy storage. (Editor: Liu Jia, Gao Lei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.