Original title: New recommendation 12 historical building recommendation list distribution map September 14

Previously, Guangzhou has announced 6 batches of 817 historic buildings, and completed the historical building clues for cultural heritage census, the city’s historic architecture is basically stable.

The seventh batch of historical buildings recommended in this time is 12, all of which are industrial heritage, supplementation and improvement in Guangzhou Historical Architecture.

Among them, the old site of the Executive Tower of the Pearl River Film Plant Executive Tower, including people familiar to the Guang and Steel Railways. Guangzhou is the first national historical and cultural city, with history of more than 2,000 years, as an important industrial base in South China, and modern industrial cultural precipitation. In order to do a good job in industrial heritage protection and reasonable use, it is proposed to have an industrial legacy of Guangzhou to protect value, and it is recommended to declare the historic building. There are 12 lists of this recommendation, involving 5 districts of Liwan, Haizhu, Baiyun, Panyu, and Huangpu; time span covers various historical periods, more complete reflects the history of Guangzhou industrial development.

Early structures in the Republic of China, from the 1950-60 Zhujiang Film Research Factory, as well as the West Reform Tower during the reform and opening up.

At the same time, the recommended list involves the ship manufacturing, sugar, filmmaking operations, transportation warehousing industry and other special industries. It has witnessed the development of Guangzhou Modern Industry and fully reflects the characteristics of Guangzhou Industrial Heritage Industry.

In addition, 10 industrial heritage in this recommendation is a buffet shipbuilding, Hong Kong Airlines, and warehousing and other industrial heritage, which reflects the development of Guangzhou waterway, and urban characteristics due to water. Some recommended list of Guanggang Railway Special Line Flower Land River Bridge Guanggang Railway Special Line Flower Dihe Bridge was founded in 1958, which was originally in the form of wood and bridge. In 1964, the increase is extended. In 1985, the original bridge was reinforced. It is still in the country. The historical reform of Huadi River Bridge and the line, the reinforcement engineering technology designed, showing the development of railway engineering technology, has a highlight of technical aesthetics.

With the renovation of the Guanghuo area, the railway has been discontinued, and the bridge is still useful as a honest bridge. The Pearl River Film Plant Administrative Tower is built in the 1950s, the earliest, largest, and strongest comprehensive film producer in South China. The executive building is one of the early buildings of the beads. The cave room still retains sound sound, soundproof and sound structure, which has a large value for researching the development of viewing technology technology. The large dry warehouse site is built in the early 1950s. It was originally China’s imported company warehouse and is also a typical in the post-storage facilities along the Zhuhai River. The building uses reinforced concrete rigid frame structures, structural styling, more rare in Guangzhou’s warehouse buildings. The old site of the large dry warehouse is good for repairing the repair. The site has been transformed into Easy Jianlian Basketball Training Center.

  The early dormitory group of the city’s topose is here is a small-scale preservation of a large-scale workers in Guangzhou.

It reflects the emphasis on workers’ welfare during the socialist construction period, which is a testimony of the development of my country’s residential plan.

City Sugar Factory Workers Area pays attention to the regional climate characteristics, axial behavior composition, with the axis of the South-North Main Dry Road, and the neatly symmetrical line of residential buildings is arranged on both sides of the wide main road, and strengthened by growing tall trees. Axis. Thick wall; suitable for narrow windows in the cold area, the flue exhaust port of the roof; the floating windows of the decorative, the seda-style design style is witnessed to my country’s direct impact. (Reporter Du Juan correspondent Suijuan) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing let more people see.