Original title: Something to demonstrate the first trip to Xinfeng high quality development takes the pace of winter warm sun, take Ma Xin Fengcheng, a hot scene of a big, fast, the 202nd Anniversary Orange Expo and the 50th Anniversary of the Navel Orange Industry Development The event was successfully held; the new construction project of Xinfeng Power Plant was in order to achieve grid-connected power generation; the deep high-speed railway Xinfei Station is about to invest, this modern high-speed rail station integrated into the navel orange elements in the local mass WeChat "friends circle" brush Screen … This is the vivid foot of the high-quality development demonstration in Xinfeng County.

This year, Xinfeng County’s new leadership team came to the "1217" development idea, that is, anchoring "party construction leads the construction of the national revolutionary old district, the high-quality development demonstration", "this position, struggle to achieve" When the Bay " The row of soldiers, decided to fight 20th "two goals, adhere to" liberation of ideology, Nanquan north, dare to make good creation, active "this practice path, decisive battle" industry is standing, Science and Technology, Rising, The seven key tasks of the rise of the city rise, the three production prosperity, the environment, the people’s livelihood, and the "Thick people" struggling to build a high-quality development demonstration of the national revolutionary old district. In order to promote work ideas, it will be effectively implemented. The county holds a hundred billion and major project construction of the 100-day attack, and issues a total of 100 billion sets to the whole county. The trick is extremely strong as "No. 1 Engineering", and built the "human trust" business environment brand, quickly set off a boom of the industry, Daxing, Broad, and the great environment. On December 4, Jiangxi Pean Polymer Material Technology Co., Ltd. 100,000 tons composite material project was released.

The project is a peek of the Interests in Xinfeng to establish a high-molecular board, with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan.

After the project is reached, it can realize the annual main business income of 1 billion yuan, tax payment of more than 25 million yuan.

It is reported that the project is only used for two months from signing to scale. Since the change, Xinfeng banner has clearly regarded the mainstay industry as the "No. 1 Project" of Xingxian Qixian, focusing the first industry of electronic information, developing new building materials, food pharmaceutical, energy "1 + 3" industrial cluster. At the same time, highlight the strong trust Fenggao New District, build a circular economy industry park, energy comprehensive utilization industrial park and township industrial community, and construct a "1 + 3" undertaking platform.

In addition, the county actively established 19 professional investment vibrant teams, 5 stationed in the foreign tribute to strengthen professional investment and small packets, forming a strong professional investment team building team, with the biggest strength.

First-class development requires a first-class business environment.

The county played the strongest sound of the "The Battle Speed ??Office", and fully creating a first-class "human letterury" business brand. In accordance with the requirements of "Bay Area, we must also do", in the county, "deep emancipation thoughts, set off the brainstorm, promote the effectiveness revolution, play the ‘strongest sound" of the’ signaling office.

Deepening the reform of the self-revolution, ensuring that the reform initiatives of the simultaneous decentralization decentralization will be effective, and the promotion of government service is promoted, and 60 convenience measures to create a first-class business environment.

At present, all towns and towns, departments and units of the county have been formulated "The Battle Speed ??Office", high quality and efficient service enterprises and the masses.

Nowadays, Xinfeng’s party members and cadres are active with the state of the battle, and promote the economic high quality development. According to the data, from January to October this year, the county has increased the year-on-year growth rate, and the fixed asset investment increased year-on-year; the actual utilization of foreign capital increased year-on-year growth, and the actual use of foreign funds increased year-on-year growth.

(Reporter Tang Yan Communicator Liu Bin, Li Chunmei) +1.