"Yangcheng Evening News University Health Research Institute" unveiled Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Liang Yi intern Liu Ying photographed Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Lin Qingqing report: Strong Alliance, big coffee gather, build a healthy Bay area.

On the 16th, Yangcheng Evening Newspaper Group held the establishment ceremony of the Health Communication Alliance in Daxie District and the first "Justice · Dayan District" forum. Zhang Yulhang, president of the Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Association of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Committee Secretary Feng Huiqiang, the Party Secretary of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Lu Qiang, Party Secretary of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Li Qiang, Li Qixiang, Party Secretary of the Party Committee of the Party Committee of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and He Bin, deputy secretary of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital Party Committee, attended; the organizer leaders Yangcheng Evening Newspaper Group Party Secretary, President Liu Hailing, Yangcheng Evening News Li Heping, deputy secretary of the party committee, deputy president, deputy president. At the meeting, in order to cooperate with the high-quality health Daban District, Yangcheng Evening News joined hands in the first batch of 19 well-known medical health agencies (listed in the schedule) to set up the "Daban District Health Communication Alliance", the alliance will be healthy in the same day Research institutes are science propagation positions, build the health exchanges and cooperation platforms, comprehensive, system, standardization of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, to promote health policies, disseminate health concepts, popularize health knowledge, advocate healthy and cultural brands, and improve the Dawan District. People’s health and literacy, help healthy China. Yangcheng Evening News University of Health is affiliated to the Yangcheng Evening Newspaper Group, which is aimed to further exert the media advantages, gather the wisdom of all parties, cohesive industrial power, through big data empowerment, insight into consumer demand, through a broader communication platform, health Science spread, helping to enhance public health.

Many industry experts participated in the forum, explore how to play the advantages of Daxia, and build a comprehensive prevention and control system of chronic diseases. Wu Yilong, Zhang Zhongde, Lin Lizhu and other Guangdong medical community experts have sent a video to the resulted in resulted in building a healthy Bay area. Yangcheng Evening News University Health Research Institute released the "New Era", through large data, he promotes accurate science spread. "Systematic, specialization, personalized health dissemination is a big trend.

"Liu Hailing said that the future of the health dissemination alliance in the future of the Bay District, radiates the country, and explores the development of the health industry in the Daban District Health industry with" Everyone Health ", and enhances the communication power and impact of the Health Bath of the Daban District. Force, promoting the research and development of large health sectors. Feng Hui, pointed out that "Health China 2030" Planning Outline "refers to the need to popularize health, strengthen health education, and clearly require media to increase the facts of health science. propaganda power.

"Individual is the first responsible person, individuals should enhance health, professional, in-depth, precision health popular science, need to build platforms like the authority mainstream media such as Yangcheng Evening News, joint medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and society Science and spread.

This has a great role in building a powerful public health system, building a healthy China, healthy Bay area. "In the first" Justice · Dayan District "forum, many hospital managers, industry experts to explore the" slow disease prevention and treatment, "health and safety, safety, safety, safety, and sharing exploration experience."

"Medicine is not only limited to see a doctor, but also should do good service in health management, the full life cycle.

"Yu Chu Xiang said that the implementation of healthy Chinese strategy is inseparable from Chinese medicine.

In "Health China 2030", we must build up and down linkage, prevention and control combination, Chinese and Western medicine, and slow disease prevention system, Guangdong Chinese medicine has made a lot of national leading exploration. [Detailed report].