South Africa stationed officials in China visited South Africa. People’s Daily Online Johannesburg November 12 (Wang Lei) The 3rd China International Import Expo closed on November 10. At the closing news ventift for the third year, Sun Chenghai, deputy director of China International Import Expo, said that although the global new crown pneumonia epidemics remain continuous, the third entrance party partnership will not lose, According to a year, the accumulated intention is a billion dollar, which is more than the previous growth. Harvesting, Li Lin, is the chairman of the Chinese Dream Investment Company, and the president of the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Friendship Association in Southern Africa. He introduced that the influence of the epidemic This year, only 4 South African companies participated in the exhibition, but the entrance effect was greatly exceeded. "This amount of contract is much more than that, it may be released in the previous quotes inhibition." According to Li Lin Guo, there will be $ 2 million in the first day of red wine, followed by Shanghai Overseas Chinese and Dong Halan The hosted docking meeting, also signed a $ 3 million wine order, "South African Green Diamond" alfalfa signed $ 50 million orders, seafood (dry abalone) also received domestic enterprises, at least three signing success.

Li Lin Guo told reporters that many people will be willing to make changes in the current environment, find new business opportunities, open up new fields, and more people invest their eyes into imported products. In the first half of this year, due to the cause of the epidemic, economic demand is depressed. As the domestic epidemic is controlled, this requirement is fully released in the second half of the year, and the Expo provides a good platform and opportunity. South Africa – Zheng Ting, Operation Director, China Cross-border E-commerce Association, also told reporters that through this year’s entry, the Expo will receive a large number of orders and extensive cooperation intentions. For example, Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port Group officially signed a 90 million US dollar beef procurement intention, product involves a number of beef, steak, oxtail, burdock, and money tendon, and the Economic President of South Africa Embassy. Joseph Timo, agriculture counselor Ma Shusu Westernilila and other identical.

In addition to beef, Zheng Ting also brought a special South African product Cape’s Louis Boss Tea, Kano Wine and Waterford Manor, a total of 12 brands of 12 SKUs. These products are also representatives of South Africa and different cultures and developed animal husbandry. In addition, consumers can go to the Greenland Global Trade Port of South Africa from the National Convention and Exhibition Center, the first line of the first line of the South Africa to buy retail import goods.

Although there is no public opening day or extension, the same product has been unveiled in the trade port in advance.

According to Zheng Ting, during the Expo period, Shanghai stores not only reached the average sales of nearly 10,000 yuan per day, but also became the "central land" that is fully exchanged from distributors and agents from all over the country. And there are thousands of public fans for consultation and order. Li Jiahao is a domestic import and export trading company and two managers who registered in South Africa, which exhibited from South African agricultural products and services related products.

According to him, the intention of approximately 2 million US dollars in the import and export trade of agricultural products, signed a strategic cooperation intent for a global ranked rescue insurance company from a global ranked rescue insurance company from France, next step Co-relevant business in South Africa and surrounding countries.

Li Jiahao said, "We have the greatest harvest in this Expo is the greatest since the first exhibition in 2018." Specialized Exhibition ensured that everyone’s safety was held in the context of the global epidemic, Shanghai has developed an overall plan for the overspere prevention and control, and exhibitors have a deep feelings.

According to Zheng Ting, although the third-level entrance to the exhibition prevention and control requirements are extremely strict, the exhibitor actively cooperates with official regulations and arrangements, and actively adjusts the response.

In accordance with the requirements of the Exhibition of Execution, all participants entering the pavilion must accept nucleic acid detection and require effective within seven days. Staff disinfects all items entering the exhibition area, tested, and strict disinfection of the environment of the exhibition area.

The number of people must not exceed 30% of the maximum load capacity, which is greatly compressed. "But this is also reflected in the security and professionalism of the Expo." Zheng Ting said that under the premise of ensuring the security office, this time I entered the Expo, the professional procurement business exhibition from various provinces and cities in China, has scale , Have practical and safeguards.

Not only that, this year’s professional buyers is also very active.

"In the face of customers with precise demand, our preparation work has fully role, such as all-round propaganda materials, interactive trial samples, etc., and go all out to open the Chinese market!" Li Jiahao told reporters, this The initiatives in the epidemic prevention are impressive.

Whether it is the number of participants on the opening ceremony, or the flow of people in the subway station, and then to the automatic body temperature detection equipment of the exhibition hall entrance, and the strict one person in the museum is maintenance, and there is an exhibition organizer. Responsible, carefully planned. Li Jiahao said that compared with the first efforts of this year’s flowers to a certain degree of reduction, it does not give any negative impacts to relevant economic and trade exchanges and negotiation activities, but improved the efficiency of negotiation and communication, it is easier to find supply and demand. The communication between the demands, the communication between suppliers and customers is also stronger.

Multi-Party support ensures that China-Africa trade has long-established this overseas exhibitor to participate in the Expo, and it is also within the rest of the resident to help the consulate. Li Lin Guo repeatedly stated in an interview, be sure to thank the Chinese Embassy in South African, and the support provided by the Johannesburg Consulate General allowed him to take the Excelle. South Africa will still have more than a thousand cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed cases. In order to prevent the second wave of new coronary pneumonia epidemics, the local government is considering implementing new epidemic "blocking orders", international travel is not complete open.

Li Lin Guo also told reporters that Hongqiao Overseas China Enters Bo and Trade Promotion Center can help South African companies to understand the domestic policy and trade processes, let South African SMEs trial water in the Chinese market, and South Africa’s Chinese overseas Chinese also have the opportunity to hold hands South African companies and A power in the Chinese market. At the same time, there is a back book of the Chinese Consulate General and business counseling in South African, and the South African SMEs in the center have also been certified outside of the information.

"After all, it is the most fear of doing business.

"Li Lin Guo said.

In the preparation stage of the Expo, South Africa – China Cross-border E-Commerce Association also has a general manager of He Anna, Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port Project Management Center, a general conference, Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port, Shanghai Hongqiao Demonstration Project Lin Ying, South Africa’s imported museum Chang Wang Junling has conducted talks, actively preparations the 3rd China International Import Expo, promoting more South African special items into the Chinese market.

In order to improve the docking results of Zhongnan Enterprises, the Bank of China is carefully prepared. In the early stage, the customers who registered the enters the Excelle will understand, establish and enhance the understanding and trust of the two sides, and implement the exhibitors’ merchants to negotiate the demand. On November 6th, China Bank of China, Shimbao Branch, successfully sucked the South Africa Leburgliquid and Wuxi Opte Automation Technology Co., Ltd. to achieve cooperation intentions, and signed a $ 1 million order, and became the trade investment docking of this session. The first place in the field activities reached a cooperation order. Kenya scholar Endga said on the 7th that China International Import Expo is committed to building a win-win "Popular Market" to provide more opportunities for global open cooperation.

More diversified African products have entered the Chinese market through the Expo, consolidate and strengthen the cooperation between China-Africa trade. At the opening ceremony of the Expo, the Chairman of the NEAN, South Africa President Ramfort said that he would like to see more African companies.

Due to the epidemic, the world needs this opportunity to promote global investment and trade than ever. South Africa wants to serve China in terms of diversified value-added products, goods and services.

He also said that the African World Free Trade Zone will usher in the first trading day after two months, and China’s commitment to inclusive globalization will make the entire African continent ushered in a good moment. (Editor: Liu Ye Ting, Yan Wei) Sharing let more people see.