Zhejiang is an important participant in the development of the Yangtze River Delta, actively promoters and direct beneficiaries. In the case of the 3rd anniversary of the national strategy, the reporter interviewed Yuan Jiajun, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee.

  Reporter: Attach the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to the development of the long triangle, please talk about the overall thinking of this major national strategy to implement this major national strategy? Yuan Jiajun: The development of the Yangtze River Triangle is a major national strategy that Xi Jinping is personally planned, personally deployed and personally promoted.

On August 20, last year, General Secretary Xi Jinping held a solid proposal to promote the Changfei Development Symposium and issued an important speech in Anhui Hefei.

We have learned from three dimensions: From the global view of the strategy, we are now in the history of the "two hundred years" struggle, facing new opportunities in the new development stage, no need to promote new kinetic energy, stimulate new vitality To build a new advantage; from the strategic mission From the strategic focus, under Shanghai, the director of Suzhou and Zhejiang Province, breaking administrative barriers with integrated ideas and initiatives, improving the policies, so that high-end elements are concentrated in long triangle, in a greater scope smooth flow, formation Leading the important power source of the high-quality development of the whole Yangtze River economy and even the country.

  In recent years, we have promoted the importance of the important speech of General Secretary, fully implement the "Yangtze River Delta regional integrated development plan", resolutely achieve the "General Secretary has a number, the central government has deployed, Zhejiang sees action."

Mainly in four aspects: First, deploy faithfully implement the "88 strategies", struggling to build "an important window" and striving for socialist modernization in advance and save 13 strategic starting point 11 areas key tasks, solid promote the development of high-quality construction 8 common prosperity innovative breakthrough major initiative demonstration area.

Second, the introduction of 26 measures to implement the important speech of General Secretary, to develop "Fourteen" period to promote the implementation plan for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, the integration of innovative clear, smooth, coordinated, open, rule-chi, six beautiful action proposed 106 with integrated matters "small incision, great traction," the.

The third is to focus on "three new mission", play three major science, high-grade manufacturing base, digital change highlands, international first-class business environment and other series of combined fists, fully build a strategic fulcrum of domestic circulation Strategic hub. The fourth is to explore the construction of a new mechanism, innovation work proceed, the provincial and municipal counties linkage, listing management, and the project development mechanism, establish a major policy, major matters, major project list, form a collaborative attack, rolling the pursuit. Reporter: three years, Zhejiang promote the integrated development of innovative initiatives taken by the Yangtze River Delta, which has achieved important results? Yuan Jiajun: We insist on leading driven, each director Yang, in the most resolute manner, the most rapid action, the most effective measure, the Yangtze River Delta integration continues to develop a national strategy to push, when to brave pioneer and pragmatic attitude to promote the Yangtze River Delta integration development achieved important results.

  First, take the lead in launch health code, build "external prevention input, internal defense rebound" effective line.

Second, we will focus on promoting the industrial chain of chain solid chain, together with 13 industrial chain of the Yangtze River Entrepreneur Union and new energy vehicles.

The third is to promote the construction of Kobi Community and take the lead in jointly undertake 79 major scientific and technological projects, and build a long-term scientific and technological resource open share platform. The fourth is to force the city group city circle linkage, singing is good Hangzhou, Ningbo "Double City", promoting the city county to explore cooperation models such as provincial adjacent areas, industrial cooperation areas, innovation and other cooperation models, start construction of the Yangtze River Triangle "One Six County" The industrial cooperation zone Zhejiang District, accelerated the construction of future communities. The fifth is to promote the "four-port" linkage development of Harbor, Luang, Airport, and Information Port. Ningbo Zhoushan Port cargo throughput maintained the world’s first, Zhejiang self-employment test area to achieve empower expansion, oil and gas " "Breakthrough, digital long triangle, and the long triangular construction of the railway and speed up."

Sixth, it is to force the construction of the green and beautiful long triangle. Building a long triangle ecological green integrated development demonstration zone, coincide with the development of the Grand Canal cultural belt, Ninghang Ecological economic belt, Hangzhou world-class natural ecological and cultural tourism corridor construction, joint do Good River "Ten Years Forbidden Dish" work.

Seven is to focus on promoting government service integration, 105 government service matters to realize the cross-provincial general public service in the Yangtze River Delta region, the first batch of resident services "one card" application in "Zhejiang Office" online, the medical treatment directly settle the whole domain interconnection. Reporter: Entering the new stage of development, the development of the Yangtze River Triangulation enters acceleration period, what is the overall consideration of Zhejiang? Yuan Jiajun: During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we will push solidly promote high-quality development, the common prosperity of the Demonstration Zone and the promotion of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Triangulation, accelerate the growth of the Yangtze River Delta innovation and development, the world-class city group integrated Develop Jinnan Wing, Happy Beautiful Garden, Reform and Open Leading Area, form a group of "gold medals" with Zhejiang characteristics, jointly build a long triangle with global competitiveness. First, accelerate the highland of digital change.

Comprehensively promote digital reform, accelerate the construction of integrated intelligent public data platform, and focus on the overall party and government organs, digital governments, digital economy, digital society and digital rule of law, five comprehensive application construction, promoting governance system and governance ability. Accelerate the construction of digital self-trade test areas, deepen the linkage development of the trade-in-test area, reshape international cooperation and competition, and strive to reach a maximum value of GDP in 2025 to account for about 60%. The second is to fully build "Internet +", life and health, three major sciences in the new materials.

Supported Jiang Lab and other participation in the construction of the national laboratory system, deepening the industrial chain of chain solid chain, accelerate the cultivation of "chain main" enterprises, improve the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, and create a number of world-class emerging industrial clusters, strive to 2025 Basically formed a new laboratory system, the total social research and development funding accounting for GDP is more than a maximum, and the scientific and technological progress contribution rate exceeds 70%. The third is to vigorously promote "four constructions".

Adhere to the development of the provincial "a plate of chess", highlight the "one bay lead, two wings, quadrupole radiation, all domain beauty", continue to optimize the provincial development space layout, promote high-end industries, high-energy platforms, leading projects to Zhejiang Daxan District Construction of oil and gas full-industrial chain, digital trade center, world-class industrial cluster, strive to reach 75% in the 2025 city, and the per capita GDP of Mountainous Areas exceeds 70% of the average level of the province. The fourth is to push the full green low carbon transformation.

The system promotes carbon-up carbon in carbon-up, comprehensive promotion of energy, industrial, architecture, transportation, agriculture, and residents’ lives and other key fields of green low-carbon transitions, and in-depth promotion of gastringent treatment of corruption, strive to 2025 green low The economic system of carbon cycle development is initially formed, and the national issued target task is completed. The fifth is to promote common prosperity.

To solve the regional gap, urban and rural gap, income gap in the direction of the main attack, highlight the digital change of science and technology innovation, the across high-quality development of the mountains, the common prosperity of farmers, "expanded" "increase" reform, and improve the people’s long-acting mechanism for private To create a spiritual civilization, building a common prospect of modernization, and promote the rule of law Zhejiang Ping An Zhejiang construction, take the lead in promoting theoretical innovation, practical innovation, institutional innovation, cultural innovation, and continuously enhancing the masses, happiness, safety Sense, satisfaction.