Original title: Suning village-level affairs to understand the accounts "Now the project and funds in the village are clear, and everyone knows.

"Recently, Liu Shengqiang, villagers, Miaoggou Village, Longshan Town, Ganzhou City, looked at all kinds of funds and projects posted on the village-level public column. This is the Cangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection with the" Six Sanhua "model Public special supervision, providing rural residences with a micro-discipline. In April 2020, the Cangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission uses large data technology and combined with the topical adjustment, Corruption and style of poverty abroad in the nearly four years It involves 65% of the village-level disclosure. The reason for the investigation, the public is uniformly planned, the responsible department, the internal department of the internal department is not smooth, the grassroots cadres should be dealt with, leading to the passive, payable public phenomenon. Relevant responsible departments have repeatedly analyzed that the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is determined by the masses "can understand, see, I like to see" as the goal, or guide, explore the introduction, elements, context, time, way, responsibility "Six" mechanisms, and launched a pilot in 75 villages in Hejiang County, Jixian and Xu Yong County.

At the end of November 2020, the "six" mechanisms were fully launched in 1475 villages (communities) in the city, effectively promoting the public standardization, precision, and "threeization" operation of the village level.

"The ‘Six Triple Chemicals’ mode is open to the public, how public is clear, the grassroots level is no longer’ who wants you.

"Jinbaohan Village, Jinbaoshan Village, Hengjiang County, said, today, the low policy is publicized, standard, process, detailed, telephone 4 elements are concentrated on a piece of paper, the masses can understand and like it. In order to make the masses more clear village "Accounts", the counties of all districts and counties in Zhangzhou City show their tricks.

Jiangyang District, Longmattan District explores the "cloud public" platform operation, the village-level public "Cloud look" Expanded; 泸 县 "" Village Village "broadcast," micro-class "live broadcast explained public.

(Liu Chuanfu Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Fan Yuing) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.