On December 10th, the China Banking Association (hereinafter referred to as "Bank of China"), recently, launched by the Dahua Certified Public Accountants (Special Ordinary Partnership), 4 full-process automation electronic functioning for security bank reputation Mark the block chain service platform of China and China, the bank lettering area, officially put into actual business applications.

  Specifically, the 4 business is launched by the Dahua Camp: During December 1, December 6th, and the bank lettering area block chain service platform is forwarded to Ping An Bank in real time. After the audit unit completes the enterprise online banking authorization Ping An Bank automatically grabs the data through the internal portrait processing system and completes the letter through the platform. In the 4 business, the whole process is only 1 hour and 15 minutes, and the average return time is 3 hours 38 minutes.

  The industry is generally believed that compared to the papermap function, the application of the papermate, the input application of the bank lettering block chain service platform will speed up the handling efficiency and effectively solve the traditional portfolio mode. Disadvantages, reduce the degree of artificial intervention of related parties such as accountants, banks, reduce data hurts and fraud.

  "Platform The use block chain technology actually solves the trust in the traditional bank letter transfer process.

"The Executive Dean of the Digital Economic Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law," Securities Daily "reporter said.

  The disk and forests further indicated that the bank portrait platform under the block chain technology formed a credible network communication transmission: On the one hand, the block chain overline communication, can directly reach the bank database; on the other hand, the block chain has an indispensable Copy, non-tampering, anti-counterfeiting, etc.

  It is reported that in August last year, the Ministry of Finance and the Silver Bank of China issued the "Notice on Further Regulating the Bank Vical Bank and the Work" clear requirements, from the China and China Silver Association, the Sino-Note Association research promotes the digital construction of the letter of Chinese. To this end, the BOC Association handed over to the Bank’s Valley Zone Block Chain Service Platform, and held the bank letterway chain service platform conference and signing ceremony on December 18 last year, and announced the platform officially entered the trial operation stage. The industry is generally believed that this is filled with the blanks of China’s domestic electronic portfolio platform, which has a milestone meaning for the digital construction of bank lettering. At the end of January this year, the first full-process automated electronic function of the Chinese Business Bank of Industry and Commercial Bank members successfully landed, this marked the first full-process automation of the bank lettering block chain service platform. Done successfully.

  At present, China and Banko Cozen actively promotes the platform promotion docking work, there are more than 40 commercial banks, such as the Industrial and Commercial Bank, Everbright Bank, CITIC Bank, China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, and Puhua Yong Road, Anyong, KPMW, Dahua and other 20 The large and medium-sized accounting firm completed the production and commissioning or development testing.

  "The construction and input application of this platform is an important practice of banking service using zipper chain technology. It can thoroughly change the halfway mode of the banking letter and drive other business to improve the level of digitization." Zheng Lei, chief economist, Baoxin Finance In an interview with this reporter, the security, real, reliable security, reliable, and the block chain technology are met to meet this requirement.

  Sino Sanking Association said that under the guidance of supervision, it will fully promote the progress of the relevant work, and implement the business production and operation as soon as possible, support the high-scale application needs of the 2022 auditing peak season e-mail.

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