In order to continuously consolidate the expansion of the poverty, the effective connection with the rural resolution, Yunnan Power Grid Co., Ltd. Honghe Maimer Power Supply Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "Maitre Power Supply Bureau") combined with "I do practical things for the masses", organize party membership service team to serve Maitreya grapes Industry, building a communication bridge with our customers, and help the development of the characteristics of "housekeeper service".

  Since 2018, in order to ensure the development of the grape planting industry, the Maitre Power Supply Bureau has invested more than 23.5 million yuan to carry out the rural network upgrade and renovation of the new and Dongfeng Farm area, a total of 10 kV. 34 Taiwan, new and transforming the low voltage line for thousands of meters, 252 electric energy meters.

After the transformation of the grid, not only solve the water-growing water, irrigation problems, but also meet the needs of local people’s lives, agricultural production, processing, and rural tourism industry.

  On the other hand, the Maitre Power Supply Bureau combines the basic construction of the grape planting base, optimizes the distribution of distribution, and organizes the party membership service team, organizes the party membership service team, and the commando will go deep into the field to visit, understand the use of planting Electrical status and demand, providing electricity guidance for farmers, and conducts a net-type investigation to eliminate safety hazards.

  At present, the grape planting area of ??Maitreya has reached more than 100,000 mu. The development of the grape industry has driven a series of industrial development in the town packaging, deep processing. At the same time, production companies with raw materials are also rising. The Maitreya Power Supply Bureau launched the "Grid Manager" service model, and conducts regular inspections according to different seasonal electricity demands, ensuring electricity safety in the production area and food entertainment area.

(End) (Cai Jiaxin Ouyang Tingting).