The picture shows Zhang Yifan in the office. Zhu Li’s time, Manchui, Municipality, Dangui, this is a second season that Zhang Yifan spent in Taizhou. For more than 5 months, Zhang Yifan deeply fell in love with the city of this landscape.

"Natural scenery, good ecological environment.

"It is his initial impression of Taizhou." Office in such an environment, the pressure is a larger! "On Taizhou, Zhang Yifan founded Internet companies." This is an opportunity.

"Zhang Yifan and girlfriend together, witness the dream landing roots, sprouting," I hope that the company will make the company, better office environment, recruit more employees with the support of Taizhou’s good policies.

"Broadcasting the entrepreneurship seeds in Zhang Yifan, Taizhou is a young city, which is moving forward with the development speed visible to the naked eye.

For the same young younger, young companies, they are more like a friend who grows together. As early as 2020, Zhang Yifan tried to establish IT companies in Shanghai.

In January of this year, under the suggestion of his Taizhou girlfriend, Zhang Yifan came to Taizhou and played the entrepreneurial environment here. "Taizhou is really a fertile soil that is created!" Zhang Yifan sighs, "I know that Taizhou has a lot of large companies like Jack Sewing Machines, Volvo Motors, and many plastic molds, pumps and machine power plants, their development speed is amazing, prospects Many of them are exported to foreign trade.

"In Zhang Yifan’s hometown Algeria, Jack sewing machine is very famous, the market share is not bad.

Zhang Yifan’s mother is a tailor. It is Jack sewing machine. "My mother and grandfather use it!" Now come to the origin, Zhang Yifan is full of curiosity and worship.

  "This is a process from nothing, step by step.

"Zhang Yifan admires Taizhou people to pioneering and innovating the spirit of innovation, hard struggle, and the courage to try, this also inspire Zhang Yifan’s entrepreneurial strength." From scratch, the main business, carefully work, and stay love.

"This is the expectation of Zhang Yifan’s development of his company. It has also become a cultural kernel of the company. In June this year, Taizhou Rice Computer Technology Service Co., Ltd. is established, mainly to help customer design websites, repair website vulnerabilities.

The accommodation is office, and the employee has only one of his girlfriends and his girlfriend. Although it is a new IT company, it is steadily developed under the promotion of a good business environment policy in Taizhou.

  "Taizhou’s inclusiveness is very strong, and the difficulty of entrepreneurship is relatively small, ‘The most running a’ policy really saves me a lot of time and energy.

"Zhang Yifan said.

Not only that, the attitude of government staff is patiently responsible, leaving Zhang Yifan’s deep impression. "They will continue to follow into my procedures, there is a problem that it will feedback to me in time, give me a feeling of practical." "准 女" Enjoy "Happy Taizhou" work, Zhang Yifan is careful, not a laugh, he is a big boys who like sports, some are somewhat.

Among the 5 months of Taizhou, he has begun to enjoy the beauty, food, and Chinese medicine culture brought about by "Happy Taizhou". Zhang Yifan’s door has trimmed the green road of the Lake. Every morning, he likes to go to the greenway with girlfriends, or bring a pet dog, and bend together.

The landscape is full, and the morning fog will be covered with a quiet atmosphere. "This is simply my ideal life.

"Zhang Yifan has been to a lot of Chinese, Taizhou soothing life rhythm is his favorite. For Taizhou, Zhang Yifan is a newcomer. He is very curious about Taizhou, which is extremely curious about this city. Heart and wants to quickly integrate into the impulse.

Although there is a short time in Taizhou, the Taizhou in Zhang Yifan also has a small change. "The village is getting better and better, the road has become more and more wider, my Yuhuan, urban area has become more obvious, city It was got to be in an orderly manner. "Zhang Yifan was recognized as" quasi-woman ".

Every month, Zhang Yifan will take the initiative to propose to go to the friends of the girlfriend.

Zhang Yifan likes to eat with everyone, Raine often, "Just like in his own home", Zhang Yifan quickly integrates the life of Taizhou people, "They are very enthusiastic, chat with them, I know more about Taizhou custom, and slowly I have learned a few Tadai dialects.

Zhang Yifan like Taizhou cuisine, he often sells fish dumplings, western cakes nearby, "These are all kinds of jade ring, and it is very different from my hometown, but I am accidentally, I like it very much." "In addition, Zhang Yifan will recommend the Chinese Medicine Museum of the door.

Due to work reasons, Zhang Yifan, who sedentated, often backache, every week, he will go to moxibustion, and to explore the principle of moxibustion with doctors, when the micro-smoke rises, Zhang Yifan’s exhaustion and discomfort also smoke. Although Zhang Yifan is not long, he loves everything in Taizhou. "I want to continue to live here, see yourself, the company, Taizhou is getting better and better!" Zhang Yifan said. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.