Xinhuanet Fuzhou November 20 (Jiang Qiaoling Lin Chen Yuan Yu) "I found that farmers and agricultural enterprises in the process of carrying out technical services, but also various issues such as production, technology, sales to brand, and This is not a science and technology specialist to solve. "Recently," 85 "Youth Yang Xiaoyang is in an interview, and the confusion and initiative of the" three rural ". Yang Xiaolang is the general manager of Jinsui Sanfang Service Supermarket Co., Ltd., and in 2017, he as a science and technology specialist returned to the "three rural", which was involved in the village of Minqing County. Over the years, he walked through 16 townships in Minqing County, more than 200 villages, profoundly: farmers and agricultural companies need not only technical support. "For example, in the process of serving the Olive Industry Development in Meixi Village, Mexi Town, I saw some planting bases, in addition to cultivation technology, it also encountered variety structural adjustment, marketing, brand maintenance and other issues.

"Yang Xiaoyang said that a single science and technology specialist is limited, and the industry development needs more specific and more comprehensive support.

  In 2018, under the support of the county government of the Minqing County Committee, Liqing County Jinsui Sanfang Service Supermarket Co., Ltd., Yang Xiaolang took the first-stop service platform of county rural resolution – Minqing County Sanxin Star Entrepreneurship Incubation base, and built a "1 + N" industry chain technology specialist service model, helping the olive, navel orange, taro, oil tea in Minqing County, etc. In order to break through the bottleneck of the olive industry, he led the establishment of the Minqing County Olive Industry Expert Workstation, putting experts from gardening, plant protection, soil, food processing, marketing, gathered in the form of science and technology specialists, and upgrading the olive industry " Guide to escort.

  "In the future, we will continue to improve the ‘1 + N’ industrial chain technology specialist service model and one-stop service of county science and technology specialists, while hatching more rural revitalization industrial projects.

Yang Xiaoyang said, I hope that this platform will support the development of rural industries, but also let more young people returning home business see the value and hope of rural villages.