Recently, Swiss reinsurance companies have announced a new cooperative program that Swiss reinsurance will provide risk management knowledge and innovative insurance products for Baidu automatic driving services. In this cooperation, Swiss reinsurance and Baidu will land the first automatic parking product risk for Baidu Apollo automatic driving.

Collaboration in the future will extend to automatic driving computing platforms, intelligent cockpit, unmanned taxis, and risk management research and insurance design of other automatic driving products.

It is expected that the two sides will provide a lot of critical materials for auto insurance development in the unmanned field, such as risk factor screening, product pricing, claims and nuclear security data. Unmanned car insurance is a global blank in 2017. Bill Gates, founder, USA, said that he believes that no one can have a remarkable impact on the entire insurance industry. In the past five years, unmanned driving that has been considered still distant, has begun to associate with the auto insurance industry, especially in the development of the Chinese market in the development of automatic driving technology. On October 29, at the 2021 automatic driving low-speed drone commercial application standard conference held in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association took more than 57 units and 112 experts in the low-speed unmanned vehicle. The Standard Standards of the Low Speed ??Uninported Urban Business Operation Safety Management is officially released. "Specifications" A total of 9 parts, wherein section 3 is "Business Operation Management Process, Regulatory Savage Requirements and Insurance Process", clearly stipulates that low-speed unmanned vehicle urban business operations need to purchase insurance.

  But in fact, no driving insurance is still a blank area, and the insurance industry is introduced that the global insurance industry will not directly cover the risk of unmanned risks. Shenzhen, Qingchuanxin Technology Co., Ltd. focused on the development of low-speed drone, the company jointly founder and chief strategic official Zhan Wuxun told the "China Auto News" reporter, there is currently no car insurance species for low-speed unmanned vehicles. The low-speed drone running in the park is purchased more property insurance and third-party insurance, not auto insurance.

  However, this type of model is actually demand for auto insurance. Zhan Peixun introduced that if the low-speed drone hit the private car in the park, after the compensation of the other party, his own losses could only "remember"; It will not be handled in accordance with the "hitting a pole" in the park. Because the low-speed drone is not defined as a motor vehicle, there are many blurred zones that have many "unclear and unknown" in insurance.

  There have been explore in the industry.

In the second half of 2020, the insurance problems encountered in the unmanned heavy card, the upper gas insurance sales will be risbered according to the scene decomposition, launch the combined insurance, and eliminate the risk point, design a combination of car insurance, property insurance, product liability insurance. Insurance products, becoming the first insurance products in the field of automatic driving commercial vehicles in China, helping car companies to drop, low-cost, and enter the new market.

It is understood that 3 submissions have occurred in September from September this year.

The Shangqi Business Vehicle Technology Center believes that this insurance program effectively controls the risk and is worth buying.

However, after a few years of unmanned insurance related news. The law should be in the first-line automatic driving insurance. The root source is that the insurance company is "not anxious". Panda Insurance Technology Joint Foundation Peng Wei, current insurance company is most concerned about new energy auto insurance, because the car insurance terms are still based on the original fuel-saving data, clearly no applicable to new energy cars, with new energy vehicles Intentional, bigger, market demand and contradictions are increasingly prominent.

And no driving will bring subversive changes to the insurance industry, but in many insurance workers, automatic driving technology is still in a conceptual phase.

  Take automatic parking insurance as an example, although this exploration makes sense, there is no much value. On the one hand, with the new round of auto insurance, almost all additional insurance is canceled, and it is replaced by covering all additional insurance vehicles. In other words, the auto insurance content is simplified, so even if automatic parking is launched, it is likely to be merged into vehicle loss insurance.

If automatic parking insurance is merged, it means that the benefits cannot be produced, and for products that cannot produce income, insurance companies must have no power promotion. On the other hand, the current auxiliary driving function does not belong to the responsibility of auto insurance, that is, if it is carried out due to automatic parking, the insurance company will pay a payment, will there be spending more money in the content that has been insured? ? In fact, the design of unmanned auto insurance products is a complex project, risk measurement, and pricing issues will be more prominent.

During the transition from artificial driving to a fully automatic driving, the driving body transitions from the human driver to the vehicle system; the main body of the insurance liability is transitioned from the driver to automobile manufacturer, system designer, spare part supplier, Communication providers and road affiliated facilities, etc .; insurance liability is a comprehensive product of traditional auto insurance transition to include product quality liability insurance, network security risks, data security risks. Industry insiders pointed out that as a multi-technical integration, the risk management brought about by unmanned and generated cross-responsibility is very complicated, and new challenges have been made to the industry.

With the road of unmanned cars, the risk of danger and types in the entire insurance area have changed, and the traditional business will be completely subversion, and the future will enter the lengthy responsibility decision stage.

  Therefore, Peng Yan believes that unmanned car is not only an upgrade of vehicle technology, but also challenges the entire transportation system including vehicle management, transportation. All commercial insurance must be based on legal as a basis. When there is no corresponding traffic management regulation, he talks about no driving auto insurance, and it is also a fashion. The advantage of the Chinese market is clearly difficult for unmanned auto insurance. In this regard, the Swiss reinsurance-related spokesperson pointed out that when the reporter interviewed, the biggest problem in unmanned insurance is diverse, but the data available for pricing is extremely limited.

The development of new technologies drives many companies to apply different technical programs, business models, explore different application scenarios, demand standardization and product standardization, limited historical data and requirements for data confidentiality, have added product design Difficulty. But the above spokesperson also pointed out that from the level of driving development, the Chinese market is in a relatively leading level.

China has always attached great importance to the development of intelligent networks, providing a favorable policy environment for the development of relevant insurance, and China has many companies engaged in automatic driving research and practice, providing the necessary industrial foundation. The above spokesperson further said that automatic driving technology introduces a large number of newly impacting risk factors in a classic driving scenario, covering the perception, decision, controlling each link during driving, and hardware and software, driving insurance industry Innovation in new technologies and new scenarios.

Insurance companies need to deepen the understanding of automatic driving technology, widely collect historical data, test data, and necessary simulation data, based on global automatic driving practice, establish new evaluation system, quantify new risks, to establish an existing regulatory framework The product system that can be quickly landed, and it is necessary to face prospective research in the future.

  For the increasing insurance demand in the automatic driving, the above spokesperson predicts that automatic driving commercial auto insurance will be mainly based on existing products, combined with automatic driving scenes; if the policy can be further open, you can introduce more Factors are used in risk pricing, and further distinguish between people driving and driving different responsibilities.

In addition to the above factors, it is also necessary to focus on the impact of network security risks. The relevant person in charge of the car technology also judged that automatic driving and even unmanned drives, on the one hand, it needs to be prevented from technological progress and maturity, on the other hand, also requires supervision guidance and innovation.

At present, the popularity of automatic driving and even drivers should have a long way to go. At the same time, regardless of whether the passengers drive, they hope that their security is protected, and people still need insurance.

The insurance industry is an industry that advises with the times. In the future, it will be born to be more accommodated, and more rich use scenarios, the industry’s ecological chain may be longer.

  CCCIS China Business Director Liu Shi is in the words, and the product exploration and service innovation that is adapted to the future use of the vehicle scene is very necessary, but the construction and system construction of unmanned product design and system requires research and development. explore. He also proposed that industry-related companies should avoid "heat" and "earning", be sure to avoid short-term behaviors of arbitrage as starting point, but to work hard, follow the regularity to innovate and accumulate, establish a forward profit model Guaranteed sustainable development, guaranteeing quality of service, making practical things for the industry and consumers, and also doing some practical things for enterprises.