Xinhua News Agency, September 1, September 1: For the motherland – female row spirit "Xinhua News Agency Wang Hengzhi, Cao Jianjie, on November 16, 1981, in Japan’s 3rd Women’s World Cup game, Chinese women’s volleyball team with a seven-day winning result for the first time Winning the world champion, with this as a starting point, open a "five consecutive championship" Weiye.

  At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the tenacious struggle of women’s volleyballists has greatly encouraged the people of the country; "learning women’s volleyball, revitalizing China", becoming a spiritual mark of a generation of Chinese people.

  On November 16, 1981, the Chinese women’s volleyball team held the championship in the 7th Winning World Cup competition in Japan. Xinhua News Agency, in September 2019, the Chinese women’s volleyball team in Japan, in the 13th Women’s Volleyball World Cup game, the victory of the victory, the 10th "three contest" championships.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that when he met a reputation of women’s volleyball team, the broad masses of the people loved the Chinese women’s volleyball, not only because you won the championship, but more importantly, you show the motherland on the game, unity and cooperation, hard work, The spirit of never farten.

The spirit of women’s volleyball team represents a era, shouted for the strongest sound of the era of rising China.

  The motherland is supreme, united, and strive for the rise of the China, the Fujian Zhangzhou Sports Training Base, which is the earliest training base of Chinese women’s volleyball team. It has witnessed the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the "five consecutive championship" touching history. Zhong Jiaqi, who has been in the nearly 90nd, the original director Zhong Jiaqi recalled that the ground of the bamboo shacks of the assigns was three-in-kind, and fell to the gravel. After the players were finished, they went to the medical room to wash, The sand is clamped. More than 40 years ago, the bamboo shacks have long been, but the older generation volleyball people remember the slogan posted on the wall: "Roll on a mud, grind a few layers, not afraid of thousands of hardships, hard work skills, determined to climb the peak.

"This is a photo of Lang Pan, Lang Ping, etc., the exhibition of Lang Ping and other old women in China in Zhangzhou Sports Training Base in Fujian, and Langping wrote to Zhangzhou people in 1998 (released on August 31, 2016). Xinhua News Agency, Jiang Kehong, in 1976, the new women’s volleyball team re-established, Yuan Weimin got a master coach, he carefully selected the players, all in the bamboo carrier, all have a round wheel. "Devil Training". Difficult and hardship, Yu Yu is successful.

  In November 1981, Osaka, Japan, China Women’s Row won the 3rd Women’s Volunteer World Cup champion.

  In September 1982, Lima, Peru, China Women’s Ranks won the Ninth Women’s Row World Championship. On September 20, 1982, Yuan Weimin guided the female row of servants in the ninth women’s volleyball team.

Xinhua News Agency issued in August 1984, Los Angeles, USA, won the 23rd Olympic women’s row champion. In November 1985, Japan Tokyo, the Chinese Women’s Row won the 4th Women’s Volleyball World Cup champion.

  In September 1986, Prague, Czech Czech, won the 10th Women’s Row World Championship.

On September 13, 1986, the Chinese women’s volleyball team greeted the audience at the 10th Women’s Volleyball World Championship. Xinhua News Agency has sent an unprecedented "five consecutive champion" to the world, and the Chinese national image of unity, forgeneration, and unprecedented the pride of Chinese children, which greatly encourages the people’s unity and revitalization of China. In order to celebrate the Chinese women’s volleyball team for the first time, the People’s Daily reported to report throughout the first version, and issued a call to the people of the country: studying a women’s volleyball, revitalizing China.

At that time, the people who saw the woman in the empty lane, the women’s volleyball team became an idol, and all walks of life set off a boom to the women’s volleyball team.

  The Chinese women volleyball team who is about to go to Hong Kong to participate in the Second Asian Women’s Volleyball Championships, is being prepared before the match.

In the figure, physical strength training is the main player Yang Xi, and it is helped by Lang Ping (November 29, 1979). Xinhua News Agency, the old woman queued, Sun Jinfang, said that when he guided more young people dare to take responsibility, and the best inheritance for the motherland is the best inheritance of women’s volleyball.

  Tenior hard work, never say, the spirit of the Chinese, the first time to win the world, the world champion has passed in the past 40 years, coach, players have changed again, and there is room for women’s volleyball holes. After a long time, the people of the whole country have always been concerned, love, support the Chinese women’s volleyball, because the spirit of unity, hard work, and the spirit of the essence continue to continue in the Chinese women’s mouth. It is depends on this spiritual force. In the 2004 Athens Olympic Finals, the Chinese women’s volleyball team was in the desik of 0: 2, and the surprise is reversed; in the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Chinese women’s volleyball team be more and more brave. Jedi counterattack won the gold medal.

  The precious women’s volunteers have long been transcended to the cultural category and become the spirit of the Chinese people.

  On September 29, 2019, the 13th Women’s Row World Cup Awards ceremony was held in Osaka, Japan, and the Chinese team won the championship with eleven winning records in this competition.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Du Yiyi took a "90" female nurses in Wuhan, so I took my girl in Weibo, I went out of my girl, Zhu Ting comic image, wrote "Zhu Ting era, and has a glorious "Picture of the style protective clothing, attracting friends. She said: "At any time, I thought about Zhu Ting and Chinese women’s volleyball team, more confident in the victory.

"After retirement, Zhong Jiaqi retired, he often went to the Chinese Women’s Shundai Memorial Hall for Zhangzhou Base.

He said: "The spirit of the female row has encouraged generations of generations of people to revitalize China’s ambition. All our indigenous people need this kind of unfair bitter, not afraid of tired, not afraid, not afraid of strong enemy spirit, I hope this spirit is in the women’s mouth. Go on.

"Self-confidence and self-improvement, more feastful – female row, long life China has across the historical stage. Contemporary Chinese people go to the world with more confident, and more open big country, Chinese women’s volleyball team presents new era spirit and style: self-confidence and self-improvement posture and motherland, unity and cooperation, hard work, never The spirit of the words. On August 7, 1984, the Chinese team’s main attacker and landscapped in the Los Angeles Olympic Women’s Racing. Xinhua News Agency reporter official day, "Women’s Right is not winning the champion, but sometimes knows will not win, Also do your best.

It’s all the way to sway, but stand up and shake the dust, it is still firm in the eyes.

"Two years ago, the Chinese women’s volleyball team once again won the World Cup champion, and when enjoying huge glory, the main trainer said. At the end of the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese women’s volleyball team encountered heavy, and there was no group outline, defending.

  After returning to China, the Chinese women’s volleyball girls said that unite collaboration, tenacious women’s volunteers are the magic weapons of the team to achieve good results, and the spiritual guidelines when the team encounters setbacks.

They will continue to carry forward the spirit of women’s volleyball team and work together.

  The female ride is not discouraged, and the spirit is now starting; the female row fans are not discouraged, as always, come and refuel. On August 2, 202, Lang Ping hugged with the players after the game.

On the same day, in the Tokyo Olympics Volleyball Project Women’s Volleyball team, the Chinese team defeated the Argentine team at 3-0.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Ding Ting took the most precious thing about Chinese women’s volleyball team, who had a strong inner heart, and the fear of enterprising, let "fail" have become the next successful "cornerstone". The spirit and style of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, touched a new generation of Chinese youth. Suzhou 17-year-old girl Gu Xia Ting suffered from a family, and her in the personality liked to play volleyball in junior high school, and became a fan of Chinese women’s volleyball. She said: "The female row will encounter setbacks, the trough, they all persist, I think I can, the female row is infected with me." Long-term women’s volleyball team has become the precious spirit of the Chinese nation. In the new journey of the great revival of the Chinese nation, vigorously promote the spirit of women’s volleyball team, will incent to unite all the Chinese children, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of challenges, to comprehensively build socialist modern countries, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and struggle Struggle.