Xinhua News Agency, January 29 (Reporter Han Xia, Yang Yi Miao) "Hidden Rhyme Faculty – Tibet Cultural Relief" opened in the Qin Shihuang Milita Museum in Xi’an City on the 28th.

Exhibition collection porcelain, Thangka, clothing and other boutique cultural relics, most of the first time I met with the public in Wenbo exhibitions.

  This exhibition is divided into historia hooks, fingertips and rhymes, solemn and Zhu Zi Luo, 1 item of Roblin, Potala Palace, where gold plated copper pine praised the coordination, Qing Dynasty book sealing jade books and other cultural relics have shown the theme of national unity. The exhibits are all boutiques in the same type, and the era can be traced back to Tubo, fully demonstrating the essence of Tibetan culture. This exhibition was hosted by Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Relics Bureau, Qin Shihuang Emperor Ming Museum, Tibet Autonomous Region Roblin Management Office and Tibet Autonomous Region Budala Palace Management Office, the exhibition period is 9 months.

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