Recently, the People’s Court of Sichuan County, the People’s Court of Sichuan Province, the public will be opened in court, and some food cases that do not meet the safety standards. When the court is produced, sales does not meet the safety standards, sentenced to a certain, Liu Moumou, Luo A certain six defendants were arrested for four months, probation for five months to sentence in prison for seven months, probation, and punishment, and fined a fine; the judgment prohibited six subjects from being engaged in food production, sales during the probation period. And other related activities.

  Trial, as well as the defendant, Liu Moumou, Liu Moumou, as the operator of the halogened product, in order to make the produced halogenate products more sell, anti-corrosion, 去, in production of halora During the process, nitrite (sodium nitrite) is added, and the processed haloned meat products will be sold on the booth within Pingli County. The nitrite ingredients were detected in the sampled haloned produce by samples, and the limit of the nitrite ≦ 30 mg / kg was exceeded.

  The court is tested that the defendant Europe, Liu Moumou, Liu Moumou, etc.

  The judge has something to say: food safety is not small, "the safety on the tip of the tongue" is not allowed. The Pingshan County People’s Court fully plays only the trial can only, severely crack down on various kinds of behaviors that endanger food safety, providing powerful judicial guarantees to maintain the health and life safety of the masses.

I hope that all food from the industry can lead! .