Original title: 500,000 meters high-altitude to see the beauty of Chengdu yesterday, the mainstream media in Sichuan walked into AI satellite Internet corporate star aerospace, launched the "Satellite Energy Universiade ‘Empty Tiandi’ Rong Media Report" Theme Exchange Activity.

It is reported that as an exclusive sponsor of the Chengdu Universiade Aerospace technology, Star Aerospace plans to launch AI satellites named after the Universiade event next year, the satellite data will be committed to serving the construction of smart universities and intensive media Report service. The "Da Yao" officially unveiled in August last year, it is a high-resolution remote sensing satellite, which will provide an empty-world integrated Internet service for the construction of the Universiade, the event.

This is the first time in the history of the Universiade for the first time in hand with space technology companies. After the "Da Yao" satellite, it will provide the Chengdu Universiade to provide integrated remote sensing image data application services, and the estimated 300-400 remote sensing images will be available throughout the year. The media visited the Star Aerospace Satellite Control System, Satellite Lab, "The Eyes of the Park", "The Eyes of the City", "Earth" and other AI satellite Internet platforms, understanding the AI ??satellite in digital urban construction, Innovative application scenario of the Universiade Wisdom Event.

In the "Empty Takasi" melting media, the star aerospace scene demonstrated the application results of resources such as satellite remote sensing images, satellite timing change flash maps in the construction of rural revitalization, urban changes, universal hall construction and other incidents. All parties participating in the exchange activities have expressed their willingness to actively explore innovation based on new types of cultural media reports based on satellite technology applications. Zhao Hongjie, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, Executive, said that the "Da Yun" AI satellite will combine new media technology to build a new survey experience for the global audience. (Chengdu Daily reporter Huang Yi) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.