On the morning of October 26th, the county’s 2021 wheat-free sowing live performance was held at the Demonstration Base of Han Shi Village, Xuebian Town, Jixian County. The county agricultural machinery technology promotion personnel conduct technical guidance, distribute promotional materials, explaining the benefits of no-tillage sowing; some agricultural machinery, operating machines and nearby people watching. Demonstration, two 1000 tractors are drawn by 2BMSF-12/6-free seeding seed machine sowing wheat, one-time completion of multi-way processes such as spiral, shock, ditch, fertilization, planting and suppression, etc. Can, one-stop completed, to achieve the purpose of saving, provincial, and efficiency, and the scene staff praised. On the side of the floor, a group of peasants were giving a detailed account, the director of the Director, the director of the Director, the director of the school, the director of the Du Shuai: "Three autumn this year, according to the routine species of 120 yuan, of which the straw returned 30 yuan, Rake 60 yuan, planting 30 yuan, application free-tillage sowing technology can complete a spin cultivation, fertilization, planting, suppression, etc. Li Zongjun said that due to the influence of continuous rainfall by the previous period, the county’s cultivated land is generally wet. Many large agricultural machinery are delayed, delayed autumn harvest and autumn broadcasting progress, and pressing the year routine deep plowing, rake, sowing, cultivated land, but also to dry for a few days. At present, it has entered the frost and flying, the best time of manevastation has passed, and the application of wheat no-tillage sowing technology can reduce the machine rolling and slow down the land knot.

In addition, wheat-free sowing technology promotion and application can improve the soil structure, improve soil water storage capacity, reduce soil loss, increase soil fertility, reduce production costs.

(Zhang Hongwei, the propaganda department of the county and county committee, to overcome the contribution) (Editor: Since, Guo Jian) ??Sharing, let more people see the recommended reading.