In the office of the Zhou Enlai, the Zhou Enlai, the Great Central Committee of the Chongqing Red Rock Revolutionary Memorial Hall, and the Great Works on the 2nd Floor, and the Great Work Table showed a yellow letter paper, 26cm long and 19cm. This is Zhou Enlai, "My Cultivation", who wrote in the night of the 45th birthday of 1943.

March 18, 1943 (February 13, Lunar New Year), the algorithm according to the lunar calendar is the 45th birthday of Zhou Enlai.

On the night, several comrades of the Office prepared a few dishes for Zhou Enlai. Zhou Enlai was very confused: the front war is tight, and the clothes are short, how is it so extravagant? At this time, some people reminded today that his 45-year-old birthday, he suddenly realized, so let people let this "rich" dinner, let everyone eat, especially old young women pregnant.

Subsequently returned to the office, let people gave himself a bowl of birth.

At the same time, the comrades of the Office also set out some melon fruits and pastries, preparing to open a small and simple wish of the first floor for Zhou Enlai.

However, Decorated Deng Yingchao and several comrades have been urged, Zhou Enlai still refuses to go to the building. Finally, in the absence of Shouxing, only the comrades of Xu Binghe and Kongyuan, etc. Scattered. Zhou Enlai in the office, alone, immersed in reflection triggered by the 45-year-old birthday. He sat at the table and reviewed the experience after the participation revolution. He believed as a communist.

Meditation Xue for a long time, I wrote "My Cultivation Should": (1) Tightening learning, seizing the center, Ning, Ning, Ningdom do not have more; (2) Work hard, there must be planned, have a plan, there is Treatment; (3) learning to be part, pay attention to time, space and conditions, make it properly, pay attention to review and finishing, there must be found and created; (4) Being an incorrect ideological consciousness of others A strong struggle; (5) properly carry forward his strengths, correct your own shortcomings; (6) Never isolate the masses, learn from the masses, and help them. After collective life, pay attention to investigation, obey discipline; (7) We will improve your body, maintain a reasonable regular life, which is the material foundation of self-cultivation.

This Zhou Enlai "My Cultivation Should", the sincere attitude, the sincere attitude of the fight, the struggle strategy, the urgent mood of the people is jumping in the eyes. For the work, I am willing, I don’t want to do it; "I will never get from the masses, learn to the masses, and help them" embody a proletarian revolutionist, a communist quality, and he is doing this. (Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao Gang) Share let more people see.