"I didn’t have a lot of money, I actually identified my disability level, but also sent to the door, let me save a lot of hearts.

"For the convenience of the wedges, the 77-year-old man, who lives in the Wuyang Street, Daiyang Street, Shunyang, Zhejiang Province, praised. This year, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province has been integrated with party history education, focusing on severe disabled people The problem of the problem of caution, innovation launches "one complete, online handling, delivery to household", "home" service mechanism. At present, 350 heavy disabled people have handed the disabled certificate, disability There are 2330 services on the trade online, which brings great convenience to the disabled population.

  In the party history of party history, Huzhou City puts the problem of "big changes" such as "rush to the hope", and promotes "big changes" with "small incision", promoting party organizations and majority of party members "I am for the masses." Do practical things, I am a problem for the company, I am a grassroots reduction burden ", continue to start" Huzhou 365, every day in the service "brand, implement 75 key Leigin Huimin" Microneatics "project before the end of the year, promote "Learning Party History, Ideological Thoughts, Do practical things, and New Bureau" fall to practice, and achieve effectiveness. In order to fully listen to the public opinion, the people at all levels of Huzhou have deeply entered the grassroots level, deep into the masses, in-depth enterprises, listen to the people, concentrate the people, and improve the list of people in order and "Microneatics" project.

At the same time, the mass data analysis is performed on the people’s reflection, determine the residual dispute, commercial housing delivery dispute, community property management, elevator fault, oil smoke disturbance, some regional traffic congestion and other six major people’s livelihood paint remediation, for the masses , Ligin, and Huimin’s "Table".

  "Because the children have worked out for a long time, they are weak and weak. If you encounter some urgents, someone needs someone to help, it will often fall into the territory of noises.

"In January this year, Wu Uncle, Hongfeng Community, Chaoyang Street, Wuxing District, came to the door to collect the street cadres of the" Microneace "project, said the idea of ??installing a digital emergency button, and was included in the street this year’s first people’s livelihood" micro Expected item. By touching the demand crowd, Chaoyang Street has installed a "one-button help" button in 41 elderly people, and the appearance of the lighting switch of the lamp. "Once the old man presses the button, the platform will get the first time. Information, then call the elderly through the phone, confirm whether you need meals, visit and other on-site services. Xu Liping, Secretary of the Chaoyang Street Party Work Committee, said the "one-button help" button has less investment, the range of service is very popular, and it is very popular among the people in the jurisdiction. Delixing County Zhongtuan Town Jishan Village Party Town Ji’an Village, Many villagers It is proposed to build a farmer’s market, which is convenient for them to buy vegetables every day. Immediately convene the Democratic Negotiation Council and decided to build a farm market complex in a collective land in the village.

The project was jointly organized by 6 administrative villages in Jingshan Village, and East Qiancun, and the farmers market in the construction area of ??8088 square meters has been put into use. A boybere built by the waste house in Longwang Village, Zhilu Township, Anji County, and tourists are busy with barbecue outdoors. Don’t have fun. Previously, due to investment conditions, the old house has been idle, and the Longwang Village is a breakthrough in the disabled assets, and implements accurate investment.

Zhang Chunhua, a secretary of the Dragon Village Party, said: "We actively travel the old school, waste power station, the old village department and other idle assets, and conduct group package investment, introduced the Yunshan luxury hotel, power station home and B & B, ancient road home and sole, etc. Increased 67 million yuan in assets and 17 million yuan rental income for the village collective.

"Focusing on the masses generally paying attention, reflecting strong" micronsongities ", Huzhou adheres to highlighting, solving the difficulty, and innovates the" People’s à la carte, government payment "new model, and solve a group of people’s livelihood problem.

The Municipal Public Security Bureau launched the "cross-regional unite, cross-departmental joint, cross-layer commercial" household registration management service mechanism, successfully helped 37 non-check-in personnel settled; the city health and health commission Pharmacy and other service models, realize the people’s medical treatment "outpatient" clinic, after reading one pay, forget to return home "; Deqing County rely on" My Deqing "one-stop digital life service platform, collecting more than 50,000 people’s suggestions The processing rate reaches 98%; Changxing County strengthens Huimin to help enterprises, establish "Commissioner + Expert + Expert" service mechanism, accurate docking enterprise appeal, promote corporate stable operation; Nanxun District is based on rural cultural auditorium and new era civilization practice station Carrier, carry out the "Thousand Cadres and Thousand Groups, I have a practical thing for my hometown", guide the "Strong Village Company" to continue to drive low-income farmers to help; Nan Taihu new district build school teaching platform, activity stage, compelling a platform, service Platform, in the city, the city is the first to realize the center of the street-level happiness neighborhood, the full coverage of the home pension service center, and 80% of the "Pocket". In Huzhou, a live "I do practical things for the masses" is booming, and "Tabo Message" that is related to the vital interests of the people is resolved.

Since the launch of the party history, the city has carried out 78 "Trimat" demand collection activities, collecting more than 3,000 recommendations reflected by the masses, and has completed more than 2,700 key questions, completing 395 people’s livelihood "micrologabolar" .

(Reporter Lu Jian correspondent Xie Shang Guo) Editor: Ma Jiang.