Original title: Xi’an sounds ecological protection compensation mechanism (Reporter Li Ni) Recently, the "Xi’an City’s Implementation Plan" (hereinafter referred to as " Implementation Plan "), after the modification of multiple rounds, it was officially issued.

  According to "Implementation Plan", Xi’an will establish a sound ecological protection compensation mechanism, according to the principle of "who benefits, who compensates", establishes a stable input system, allowing beneficiaries to pay, reasonable compensation for protector.

Through this excitation system, the ecological protector and beneficiaries are promoted to mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society to protect the ecological environment. "Implementation Plan" adheres to the important instructions of General Secretary for Towa, on the important instructions of Qinling Ecological Environment, in accordance with the spirit of the relevant documents of the Ministry of Office of the State Council and the Provincial Government Office, combined with Xi’an actual, comprehensive co-ordination Arrange the city’s improvement of ecological protection compensation mechanism, from establishing the comprehensive compensation mechanism of Qinling ecological protection, improve the forest protection compensation mechanism of Qinling Ecological Reserve, improve the ecological protection compensation of drinking water source, and promote the four aspects of wetland ecological protection compensation clearly clarified the key task Specific requirements, struggle to make ecological protection compensation truly land. According to reports, the issuance of "Implementation Plan" is the specific actions of Xi’an Falling True Secretary to Shaan Shaan Shaan Shaan Shaan Shaanxi, and the specific actions of ecological protection related instructions will fully promote the establishment of a sound ecological protection compensation mechanism, and to implement the main functional zone strategy to ensure ecological services. Effective supply, promoting the innovation of institutional mechanisms, and improving the level of ecological civilization is of great significance. (Editor: Yubihui, Deng Nan).