Xinhua Net Wuhan September 30 (Xia Guofan, Liu Shenghui, Chen Zhou Wei) Since 2014, September 30th has become a Martyrs Memorial Day.

On this day, the People’s Republic of China cherished the name of the country.

The picture shows the statue of the police to the martyrs in Wuhan Turtle Mountain.Xinhuanet Chen Zhouyu took the martyrdom of Wuhan, and a Han Xiaoyu statue was tower.The statue of the figure holds a book, and the magical appearance is serene, the head is micro-side, and the binocular is staring in the distance.She is to the police.To the police is one of the important leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, an outstanding communist warrior, a loyal proletarian revolutionist, a pioneer and leader of Chinese women’s movement.Wuhan is a place in her revolution, Wuhan Turtle Mountain is a place for her sleep after sacrifice.

In 1895, he was born in Hunan County, Hunan Province. She is the first female in the first enrollment in Pu County. In December 1919, he fought Heavy Yang and studying in France. She is studying in French and Marxism, helping Cai Hesse translate Marx. In March 1927, the police were sent to the center of the revolution to the police. On July 15th, Wang Jingwei rebellious revolutionary life, Ninghan’s unluffered, and the revolution failed.

To the police to stay in Wuhan full of white horrible, continue to carry out underground struggles. On March 20, 1928, because of the traitor sold, he was arrested to the police, but she swavied refused to reveal any party’s confidentiality. On May 1st, the reactionaries went to the punishment ground in the holiday season of this working class, and she sang "International Song" along the way. On this day, I was brave to the police, only 33 years old.

On the day of the night, the Communist Party Member Chen Chun and the danger of life will be secretly transferred to the police, and will be buried in the south of Turtle Mountain.

Behind the statue of the police, behind a small square, the small square is the tomb. Every year, tourists in the five lakes will come to present, and I will remember. The picture shows the juman uprising and the Martyrs Martyrs of the E-Yu District.

Xinhuanet Liu Shenghui photographed Hubei is the land of Fengyun, is the land of revolution, the land of fighting, and the land of heroes, glory.

According to the Statistics of the Retired Military Affairs of Hubei Province, 266 martyrs in Hubei Province, 125 Martyrs Memorial (Exhibition Hall).

On this land, 700,000 people are national, for the nation, and pay for valuable life for peace, and the martyrs who have recorded books have thousands of people, and there are countless unknown heroes. The Maicheng Martyrs Cemetery, located in Macheng City, Hubei Province, is built to commemorate the juman uprising and the martyrs of the martyr as the sailing.

Liu Cong explained in the Martyrs Cemetery of Martyrs, has been in the past ten years. In many context, Wan Yongda’s story is most impressive.

In 1906, Wan Yida was born in a poor farmers in Xiaojiahe Village, Maigang Town, Hubei, Hubei Province.

In 1927, the Chinese Communist Party launched and leaded the peasant armed uprising in Huang’an (now Hong’an County), Macheng, and the history of "jute uprising". This is the Chinese Communist Party after Nanchang Uprising and autumn harvesting, in the Yangtze River The area of ??farmers launched for the first time.

At that time, Wan Yongda, who had been actively participating in the revolution and joined the Communist Party of China. In the fall of 1932, the fourth anti-"encirclement and suppression" failed in the Red Fourth Army, the Red Army was transferred to the West.

The Ministry of Kuomintang is eliminated in the Maogang.

In 1934, Wan Yongda was arrested by a traitor, it was the next day she gave birth to her child. The enemy is powerful, and she wants her to hand over the confidentiality of the Communist Party.

Because she refused to kneel down to the enemy, the Kuomintang soldier even kicked her knee bone.

Finally, Yongda was cruelly killed by the enemy. The new born child was also lived alive.

"What is the more sad thing to lose your child more than a mother?" Said that Liu Cong is a bit moving, "Wan Yongda’s firm revolutionary belief is worthy of our admiration." The Martyrs Mistance Hall of the Soviet Union of the Eu Yu. Xinhuanet Liu Shenghui photo Huaxia land, 巍 大 别 山.

In this red mountain, countless revolutionary agency is sneaked, countless revolutionary mother loves no sound, countless revolutionary family sacrifice dedication. In Hubei Hong’an County, Wang Jian, Xia Guoyi, the story of the husband and wife, the story of the husband and wife, was paid for a long time. In 1895, Wang Jian was born in Wang Xinglu Village, Gaoqiao Town, Hong’an County. Joined the Communist Party of China in 1921. It is a pioneer of the first five students of Huang’an County (now Hong’an County).

The wife, Xia Guoyi is the Xiajiawan, the Dangan County, and participated in the revolution under the influence of Wang Jian. It is the first female communist party member in Huang’an County.

In the Revolutionary Period, the anti-feudal, anti-ritual women’s liberation movement, Xia Guoyi rushed to all parts of the county, delivered a speech to the benefits, the benefits of laughing, and teaching "Women’s Liberation Song", the county women’s movement has been vigorous.

After the big revolution failed, in 1927, the summer was arrested in Wuhan because of the recruitment.

The enemy forced her to keep the list of activities and personnel of the Huang’an County Committee.

The summer is not afraid of danger, but anger the Kuomintang reactionary to defend the revolutionary revolutionary, massacre.

The enemy of 驴 技 技 怒 怒, 将 严 严 严 严 严 严 严 严 严 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街. 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街 街

In the face of torture, Xia Guoyi strictly guards the secrets of the party, and uses life to protect the safety of comrades.

Summer is only 28 years old, she interprets a communist (the power of the Communist Party member, explaining the power of the Communist Party’s belief. At that time, Wang Jian, who was rushing to Hunxi and knew about the sacrifice of his wife. In 1928, Wang Jian became a disease, 33 years old.

The ideal light is not destroyed, and the light of the belief is not destroyed. A highly flutter party flag, is reddish by countless boom. The Communist Party went to success before the national rejuvenation and the people’s happiness. "Blackhead is not tight, as long as the primary" "People always die, but they must die," "The enemy can only cut our skull, never shake our faith" For the greatness of great ideals. The martyrs have long, and the monument is eternal.

We will always miss them.

The picture shows aerial photography Martyrs Cemetery. Xinhuanet Liu Shenghui photo.