On November 19, the first China Network Civilization Conference "The Challenges and Countermeasures of Network Ecological Governance" forum was held in Beijing National Convention Center. Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Zhang Jianchun, the deputy director of the "Sweeping Yellows and Make" Working Group, Zhang Jianchun, deputy director of the Central News Network Office, deputy director of the National Net Letter Office, Sheng Ronghua, deputy director of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, attended the forum and delivered a speech. The guests the guests focus on the people concerned about the network ecological chaos, especially the ecological highlights of minors, and exchange management experience, explore the cause of the problem, seek governance.

Zhang Jianchun pointed out in the speech that under the new situation, strengthening network civilization governance needs from six aspects.

First, we must lead our leadership, insist on and strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership. It is necessary to keep the Internet main position from the height of the maintenance of political security.

Second, it is necessary to steady steering wheel, adhere to the ideological leading and value guidance. Always adhere to the guidance of the socialist socialist thinking of Xi Jinping, carry forward the socialist core values, and promote the extent of China’s excellent traditional culture, promote positive energy, lead the network space with the mainstream value. Third, build a strong position, let the Internet better benefit the society and benefit the people. Tight the starting point of the people’s well-being and the foothold, enhance the level of network service, and expand the quality content supply. Fourth, we must adhere to the rule of law and continuously improve the level of net construction according to law. Comprehensive use of administrative punishment, notification, criminal blow and other methods, serious disposal of illegal and illegal Internet enterprises, resolutely investigate and deal with criminals, and strive to destroy the behavior of network ecology.

Five must use new technologies to seize technical means highlights. Taking technology, technical management technology, to achieve "the magic high one foot, the road is high". Sixth to form a strong cooperation for network ecological governance and build a health and civilized network ecology. Sheng Ronghua put forward four suggestions in the speech on network ecological governance.

First, vigorously promote the new style of the times. Promote the correct political direction, value orientation, public opinion orientation, promote civilized network, civilized network, civilized Internet, civilized network, and create a positive network environment. Second, we must effectively safeguard the rights of netizens.

Continuously improve the regulatory system, innovate and regulatory means, increase the intensity of the "rice" chaos, algorithm abuse and other behaviors, and continue to consolidate the special rectification results of "Qinglan" series. The three needs must consract the platform responsibility.

The majority of platform companies should conscientiously fulfill the subject responsibility, consciously maintain network propagation order, manage community rules, traffic entrances, algorithm models, and truly achieve social and economic benefits.

Fourth, it is widely condensed to gather governance. Improve cross-departmental, cross-domain network ecological management coordination mechanism, guide the website platform to earnestly assume social responsibility and governance responsibilities, mobilize the majority of netizens to participate actively, create a good situation in which network ecological governors participate in and build a sharing. Wang Aiwen pointed out in his speech, "the teenager’s national wisdom, and the boy is strong".

Youth healthy growth is related to the future and national hopes.

Minors are an important group participating in the network. They need to have a new network environment for minors with healthy growth in legal guarantee, policy measures, network environment governance, internet access.

Nearly 100 Internet enterprises signed "Internet Enterprises to fulfill the Subject Responsibility Construction Civilization Network Ecological Commitment", promise to fulfill the subject responsibility, adhere to the correct value or guide, promote healthy network culture, and maintain the good prince, strengthen the protection of minors, and comply Online communication order, guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of netizens, abide by the bottom line of the laws and regulations, and actively undertake social responsibility, create a good network ecology, build a clear network space.

This forum is guided by the Office of the Central News Network, the Ministry of Protection of Minors in the State Council, hosted by the Central News Network Comprehensive Governing Bureau, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Children’s Welfare, China Internet Development Foundation.

The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security, the relevant departments of the National Women’s Federation, as well as experts and scholars, and the person in charge of nearly 100 website platforms participated in the forum.