From the 14th to 16th, as the "innovative capital" in the "National Entrepreneurship" Changchun will usher in a national entrepreneurial employment event – hosted by the Human Resources and Social Security Department, Jilin Provincial Government, Jilin Province People’s OfficeThe third national entrepreneurial employment service display exchange activities hosted by the Changchun Municipal Government will open at No. 9 Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center.In this 3-day grand event, 92 cities founder, the founder of the head enterprise, the entrepreneurial service "big coffee", the well-known scholar, entrepreneurial training lecturer, etc. will gather in Chuncheng, "Entrepreneurship Exhibition Hongtu, labor cast brand"This topic conducts exchanges, show and cooperation.Why did this event?How does the entrepreneur city embrace the entrepreneur event?Is the epidemic prevention measures safe?At the 13th afternoon, the news media blowout was held in the afternoon, the relevant questions had an answer.

  Since 2017, the restriction of the "National Floor" event has been in cooperation with the "Double Creative Week" event organized by the State Council. In the past two sessions, in Jinan, Wuhan, this year, this "national image" eventually landed Changchun, benefited from the achievements of our city in entrepreneurship.

  In 2009, Changchun City was identified as the first batch of "entrepreneurial urban" pilots in the country, the municipal party committee and municipal government system proposed to "promote the national entrepreneurship, service improvement of people’s livelihood" as the core "of" entrepreneurial type " The city "has become one of the core goals of the city’s economic and social development, and issues documents such as" Changchun City Creation "entrepreneurial city" work program ".

  In 2012, the first batch of "National Entrepreneurship Advanced City" has always been focused on "starting from entrepreneurship and promoting employment, innovation to win the future", and build China · Changchun Entrepreneur Employment Expo, Changchun International Chuas Festival, "Employment Poverty Red Star Station "Wait for brand activities with national influence.

Among them, the Changchun International Chuas Festival, which started in 2017, in accordance with the background of the era, using the geometric advantages of Changchun East, North Asia Regional Geometry, extensive connection, integrate domestic and foreign innovative entrepreneurial resources, to build an interactive platform for global entrepreneurs, investors, Promote the creation of the Culture, promote the exchange of voyage exchanges, optimize dual-creative ecology, and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial vitality. By holding a summit forum, round table dialogue, entrepreneurial competition, a guest forum, excellent live broadcast of goods, and rookie planning live training camps, comprehensively show new ideas, new technologies, new technologies, innovative entrepreneurship in Changchun. New mode. This session exchange activities landed in Changchun, based on the regional advantages of Changchun Regional Center, will be implemented through the special events such as results display, project docking, experience exchange, recruitment, etc., integrated entrepreneurial employment service functions, and introducing docking, extension, exchange Content, in terms of entrepreneurial venues, projects, funds, training, and policies launched "integrated, one-stop" entrepreneurial service function, surrounding the promotion of employment, a platform for people to innovate services, Chamber of Commerce, etc.. Creating a new style is entrepreneurial employment "hematopoietic" "Entrepreneurship Carnival, Wonderful You and He", Changchun with this slogan to send a sincere invitation to the national entrepreneurial employment.

At that time, more than 1,700 guests will focus on the achievements and practices of the entrepreneurial employment work in various parts, departments in recent years.

  This event has a total of two major sections of the special exchange.

In the entrepreneurial display area of ??10,000 square meters, the total number of exhibition projects composed of "Urban Entrepreneurship Exhibition" and "Labor Brand Exhibition" and "Labor Brand Exhibition" is mainly 508.

Among them, nearly 300 square meters of exhibition area built in Changchun City is the largest exhibition area in the regional exhibition area, which will focus on the latest projects and results of our province in recent years. At the same time, there are 11 labor brands in our province to participate in the labor brand exhibition, focus on displaying specialty agricultural products processing labor brands and special group entrepreneurial labor brands.

  Special exchange sector aimed at "hematopoietic" in entrepreneurship, and created "double creation" forward. Combined with the "double creation" resource advantage in our city, the sector planning launched the "entrepreneurial leading urban economy high quality development" theme exchange activities, "cooperation and winning the employment" labor brand docile negotiation, "Building a Dream Entrepreneurship" lecture hall, labor brand Exchange and discussion, "implementation of people-oriented employment priority policy, promote economic recovery and sustainable development" seminar, "join hands with the future" entrepreneurial resources docking negotiation, "condense new vitality of entrepreneurship, cultivate new movable" national entrepreneurial incubation demonstration base Seven theme activities in exchange activities. Heavy Opera – "Entrepreneurial Leading Urban Economic High Quality Development" Theme Exchange Activities will enter China FAW, from Changchun, Ningbo, Qingdao, etc. All-round escort work together to build the safety event on the 13th, the epidemic prevention materials such as hood and disinfectant in the Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center have been in place, and the relevant exhibitions and channels are set, and the final construction work is in an orderly manner. "Changchun is safe and ordered." A exhibitor who came to participate in the event was said. In order to create a safety event, the city has developed, improved the epidemic prevention and control program and emergency plans, focusing on key links and key areas such as "people, things, museum", strengthening various epidemic prevention and control measures, especially for high-risk areas. Changzheng members and materials should be carried out in key epidemic prevention.

During the event, it will strictly follow the principle of "5 must" – the investigation must be done, the temperature must be measured, the mask must be done, the stem must be done, and the suddenness must be placed, and the medical service point and temporary isolation point are set up. In order to navigate through all-round, the organizing committee established the epidemic prevention and control leading group, set up on-site prevention and control group, emergency coordination group, material security group, personnel health check group, inspection supervision group, establish "government-related departments + event organizer + venues The epidemic linkage association mechanism of Parties + Construction vendors.

  In response to the key guests participating in the event, the organizing committee also formed 32 accompanying groups, recruited 200 volunteers and 100 staff 24-hour security participants, "Contact Secretary" is standing all-day.

The event also organizes 315 additional accessories including the Red Flag Series for related reception work. In this grand event in this excitement, collision, improving exchange, Changchun will write "double-creating" work in the posture of more open, modern, inclusive, and learning. Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.