Introduction "baby chicken" sign.

Screenshot addition, the number of tweets a lot of the main content related to early education and the education sector already halted Mathematical Olympiad competition.

Such as public number called "broth mother" had issued a document to introduce their own year-old children over six years of primary school mathematics; "Mom champion Chuang Haidian" describes learning Mathematical Olympiad in tweets in; "Fu baby in mind," Lord said in No. children first grade Advanced English winter break, it took less than a year by the Cambridge KET five general English exam, but reporters on the 25th KET read many articles about the content of the examination, the display has been removed publisher. Bright commentary issued a document that the public has been able to get a lot of numbers of fans, "the essence" is that "good" parents seize on this great anxiety of mind, to fan the flames. Some Internet users the authenticity of the published contents of the public questioned the number, content of the article contains false ingredients? Where commercial release "soft culture" in the number of public tweets in border? Public Author existence of "Liren set up" problem? "If these articles are behind from the media ‘publishers – advertisers’ interests and the chain, regardless of whether the content is a direct reference to merchandise, advertising practices can be identified as" Law Firm lawyer Yang Xiaoqing pointed out that advertising should It should be prominently marked "advertisement" having incidental recognizability, in tweets, and other non-advertising information to distinguish, not to mislead consumers.

"Failure to distinguish between, on suspicion of violation of" Advertising Law Article XIV "constitute a disguised advertising; if still share the identity, content and other aspects of the fraud is suspected to constitute false advertising, unfair competition or suspected.

"In order to understand the relevant circumstances, reporters tried to contact the above number of public companies involved, but open channels of a number of companies found in no one answered the telephone number or an empty state. Reporters will be sent to the relevant question number to issue public micro-channel in the form of" three meet ten days ", as of press time, has not received a reply.

Take the Ministry of Education banned the contest project when signs? After the "chicken baby number" regarding exposure, a lot of educational media accounts from posting said he has also been looked similar companies, the other party to incorporate their account, and provide content, traffic and operations support to help accurately rose pink , then profit by deals like. Shanghai Bao Ma Lin is one of them. Three years ago, she started a personal micro-channel public number issued, mainly related article analyzes educational focus, policy interpretation and educational television drama.

In March this year, the number of public workers a self-proclaimed "mother grain of rice channel" to throw an olive branch Lin, said it is looking for content partner, cooperation model for Lin to write text, numbers public body owned by "mother grain", to be responsible for drainage , rose pink and operations, all content copyright both parties, realized through advertising and electricity supplier, Li Lin was three percent gains.

"The other side told me that a number of relatively mature, advertising 38,000 yuan a headline." When are new, Lin does have a willingness to cooperate, communicate later left her backing out. Li Lin in the direction of interest are listed a number of topics, look after each other, but not satisfied. "Tell me that is not personalized, part personal life too.

"And then throw to a" related topics Haidian mother of baby chicken "for Lin reference.

Reporters saw the other lists several public number of articles, and explained the contents of the parentheses, such as "Haidian District, do not believe the school district room" is about Jagged rule at the beginning of Haidian District, a small rise; "Only 5% of children for Mathematical Olympiad , why the mother gave the baby the whole Haidian reported Mathematical Olympiad classes "such as talking about the importance of the Mathematical Olympiad for the small rise early. "I saw, how to write all their own home baby cow." Lin explained to each other their children is very common, even learning is not very good, not so much the content of life can write.

"He said it does not matter, you would write this kind of thing, you can package it." Close contact with big V-level "baby chicken" was how the "raised fattened" Li Lin eventually declined this cooperation. For the above staff proposed "package" tweets content of practice, Yang Xiaoqing said that if not related to specific goods or services, suspected of violating the "Internet users public accounts information service regulations," the relevant provisions, "including fabricating false information, forgery of original properties, labeling false source of information, distort the truth, mislead the public.

"In the" Introduction rice mom channel "in the public numbers, the number of public attention two million parents, the main number for the mother of an American returnees, focusing on 5-12 year-olds in English, mathematics, science, art, education enlightenment . Beijing accounts subject to mom choice Imp. Reporters browse the public in early April tweets found 45 tweets in addition to drainage a number of other public tweet content, the rest tweets are included in advertising, or home goods store, or buy content or advertising in its namesake applets, the relevant buy advertising as well as "lowest whole network," the statement. "suspected violation of" Advertising law "9, paragraph 3, may not be used ‘national’ ‘superlative’ ‘best’ and other terms. "Yang Xiaoqing representation.