The feet are metaphor for the second heart of the human body, because it has thousands of body organs with a lot of body organs. Many of our body have performance on the feet, such as 80% of rheumatoid arthritis patients will have foot deformities; patients with long-term diabetes may cause a foot to break; patients with gout arthritis, toe swelling pain often It is the earliest pathogenesis. However, many small partners are not very healthy, and therefore ignore the health warning from the foot to us.

Today, experts from the Health Education Office of Beijing CDT are coming to talk to everyone, how to correctly "take care of" good our feet.

How important is our feet? According to reports, the foot structure is very complicated. There are 27 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 ligaments and tendons, bone and ligament muscles, and help the human body to complete a series of complex functions. . In the process of we walk, running, our foot tolerant is 5 to 6 times the weight of the human body.

Every step, our calves and feet have a muscles to contract diastolication, which will help promote the blood circulation of the limb.

Therefore, there is a pair of healthy feet, it is very important for us.

The disease can occur in any age group. For example, children are common in congenital foot disease; adolescents are in addition to congenital foot diseases, there may also occur in motion damage; in the young age, in addition to accidents such as, fracture, etc., there may be exercise damage or damage Arthritis; the common sectative changes in the elderly.

The architecture of the arch is very important to help us complete the run. If the bow is collapsed, then the joints, ligaments, and muscles do not have a good role in their work.

Some movements and positions often can only rely on separate joints and ligaments, and the ligament is easily broken, and arthritis is prone to arthritis. The fatigue and damage of arthritis and ligaments are the performance of the feet. What are the common footsteps? Here are the "troubles" that our feet may most often face.

The skin is red: the small toe and the thumbbone projection began to red, but there is no pain, indicating that the foot may be relaxed, it is wide. In the past, the shoes that can wear, now they may squeeze our feet, first squeezing the bone projection, and then extruding is serious, there may be pain.

If you insist on the extruded shoe, the skin affected by the friction site may be broken or secondary infections, and even infection deepens myelitis.

Diabetes patients should pay special attention.

胼胝: Commonly known as the scorpion, it is a larger angularization hyperplasia. Young people are less, older people are often available. Because the old-integrated coordination load structure of the elderly becomes uncoordinated, the weight of the local foot bone increases, the human body is self-protection, and the local skin will generate a thick angle layer to protect the skin. Chicken eye: The chicken is like a chicken eye, and there is a deep angle in the middle, often occurs in the position of the force. The most common cause is age growth, and the small bones form bone hyperplasia, and then the external force extrusion is combined, and the skin toe skin is continuously friction, causing the chicken eye. Wheavier: The wart is a raised, commonly known as the skin caused by viral infection.

There are three characteristics of the warts: there are many quantities; not necessarily growing on the foot; it has contagious. Besch: 即 趾 甲 long to meat, it will be very painful and easy to infect. Some people will have paronychia after tetch.

Blister: walking more, the skin on the feet may have blisters, resulting in damage to the skin.

How to check the daily inspection of your feet? The experts from health education give you three suggestions.

Take the skin with a cotton sign: Use a soft cotton sign to light the skin and see if you can feel it.

If it is not sensitive enough, it means that when the foot is hurt, it has no pain or there is not enough pain to make the body noticed that the feet have been hurt, so it is impossible to take protection measures in time.

After checking the feet: The normal people have fallen below the foot followed. If the feet are short, then the front of the foot is more powerful than the feet after walking, it is more likely to appear from the scorpion and pain in the front part.

We can try to hold the railing, stand on the steps, follow the step down, some people can let go, some people can’t let it down, and some people will have pain, that is, after the feet, there is pain, after two cases The tendon is short or abnormal.

Regular checkpoints: Regularly observe the color of the foot, the width change, whether the toenails become thickening, the skin is damaged, the size of the foot has a change. Pay attention to the dry toe gap after washing. Be careful not to cut the deep toenails, so as not to damage the skin, patients with diabetes should pay particular attention.

In addition, experts specially suggest that in daily health care, don’t ignore pain problems. If the foot pain lasts more than three days, be sure to go to the hospital for examination.