After the 19931, after the abstament of the country, in the face of the pain of the country, Zou Yufen was on the "life" weekly "weekly" weekly magazine, constantly slamming the Kuomintang’s compromise and selling countries. He also created a living bookstore, expanding a lot of branches in the country, and a large number of progress was welcomed by readers.

All of this has triggered the fear of the Kuomintang authorities. The progress of the progress founded by Zou Hao once again encountered the disaster in the top again, and he has experienced several times and even imprisonment.

In 1937, the comprehensive anti-Japanese war broke out, Zou Tui, who was released from prison, and successfully founded the "Anti-War" three-Japanese journal, "National Anti-War", etc. In the dark moment of national danger, "National Anti-War" has encouraging countless Chinese, but repeatedly encountered banned and suspensions.

At the beginning of 1941, 46-year-old Zou Yufen was forced to avoid Hong Kong. After the fall of Hong Kong, Zou Ji was helping to the Kuomintang special agent with the help of the Communist Party of China. Everything here makes him feel novel. Zou Ji Fuliefang’s way of suffering is to end. At this time, however, he has long been getting more serious, and it can only be temporarily left. This also became his most regrettable bid. In Shanghai, he was diagnosed as a cancer lately & hellip; & hellip; July 24, 1944, at the moment of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, 49-year-old Zou Tui is regrettable to leave this world.

On the occasion of life, he is a will: Please strictly review my history of struggle. If it is qualified, please pursue the party, and you will also use Yan’an.