From July 24th to 25th, the Yinchuan City Primary School Admissions Leading Group conducted 2021 Yinchuan City Third District Senior High School Admissions "Choice" batch online admission work, the entire admission work lasted for 1 day and a half, arrange 21 online real-time admission . The minimum of the ordinary high school schools in the Completion of the Standards Program is as follows: Yinchuan No. 1 Middle School, Yinchuan Sixth Middle School, Yinchuan Jiuzhong Point, Yinchuan Tang Wei Hui Middle School, Yinchuan Experimental Middle School, Yinchuan Advanced Middle School Northern Minacheng Zhongzi, Ning Da attached to Zhongzi, Yinchuan 24th Middle School, Changqing senior high school division, Yinchuan thirty-one branch, Beijing Normal University Yinchuan School, Yinchuan Foreign language experiment school, Helan County Jingbo Middle school division, Yinchuan Sanshayuan upstream school.

  The number of surplus plan for the regular high school schools without the completion of the consumption plan: 67 in Ningxia Yuelu Senior High School, 100 Kaiyuan School, Ningxia, 209 Yinchuan Xiaoying School. For the 376 surplus programs that do not have a unique high school school, a "collection volunteer" will be admitted.

Candidates in Junior Middle Schools in Yinchuan City, the results of the senior high school entrance examination were more than 327 points, willing to participate in volunteers, can be accepted from 14:00 to July 26, from July 25, according to the personal account number and password to enamel Yinchuan The senior high school entrance examination service platform, choose to fill in the qualifier, each candidate can only file 1 high school school and choose whether to obey the delivery.

Yinchuan City Primary School Admissions Leading Group will be admitted from high scores from high scores according to the principles of the results of the candidates, and will be submitted to the low score according to the principle of grades.

The admission results will be announced on July 26th, and the admitted candidates receive the admission notice on the third floor of Yinchuan University of Education at 14:00 to 18:00 on July 27th.

  According to the relevant provisions of the enrollment in Yinchuan City, candidates have been accepted by the public private high school, and will be directly registered directly in high school schools in the admitted public.

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