Sino-CDM news (Reporter Ma Shuang) Since the domestic finished oil price period, the international crude oil price has fallen, and the change in crude oil change in China has expanded within a negative range.

In this context, agency is expected that the domestic refined oil retail limit or welcomes the retail price of domestic refined oil tomorrow night (November 19). Meng Peng said on November 18 that since the domestic finished oil value period, on the one hand, the shortage of oil market has also supported the price of crude oil, but on the other hand, the Fed accelerated raising interest rates to suppress inflation, US dollar exchange rate Enhanced, the United States may release strategic oil reserves, the European and American crude oil futures prices have shown a shock trend overall, and the average price will be lower than the last cycle.

Affected by this, the change in crude oil calculated in China is constantly expanding within the negative value, so it is expected that the domestic finished oil retail price will be urged. According to Zhuochuang information, as of November 17, the 9th working day of the domestic finished oil pricing period, reference crude oil change rate is -%, and the price of gas and diesel should be reduced by 95 yuan / ton, and after the price increase , 92 # gasoline should be adjusted to the modified dollar / liter, 0 # diesel should be adjusted below / liters. CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News.

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