He Lifeng, Secretary of the Party Group, National Development and Reform Commission, said that "14th Five" is a crucial period of promoting the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and the task is arduous.

We must fully implement the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of the 19th National Congress and the 19th Central, Sanzhong, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Plenary Session, and in-depth implementation of the General Secretary of the True Training in Terrain in depth promoting the ecological protection and high quality development symposium of the Yellow River Basin. The spirit of important speech, the attack is difficult to advance the tasks, realize the new breakthrough in the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development. I must always ensure the Yellow River Anntone.

Based on the anti-big treatment, anti-big disaster, the weak session of the blindness exposed, timely detection. In the dry tributary basin, improve the early weather and natural disasters forecasting early warning capabilities, improve the emergency response system, and enhance the awareness of disaster prevention.

Strengthen the centralized scheduling of the main reservoir group in the dry stream, and continue to improve the overall synergy of the salad regulation system.

Focus on the fire flood flood short board in the middle, combined with the "four chaos" rectification work to carry out flood control and hidden dangers, and vigorously promote the reinforcement of the risk reservoir, and promote the construction of the embankment, and strive to prevent floods and secondary disasters. Optimize urban development layout, focus on improving flood control and disaster reduction, drainage, etc.

Second, we must promote saving water in greater effort. Fully implement the principle of "four water four-set" principle, continuously expand the water-saving space, take the water safety and effective protection, high efficiency utilization of water resources, and improve the intensive development path of water ecology improvement. Putting the water-saving water saving and industrial water saving consumption consumption as the focus on the implementation of deep water-saving control, cutting high-water-water crop planting area, accelerates the modern warranty and renovation of the irrigation area, and vigorously promotes the construction of high standard farmland; , Strictly control the development of high-consuming water production, improve the level of industrial water circulation utilization.

Effective to protect the safety of drinking water, let the people drink safely water, promote the popularity of water-saving lifestyle. Trading measures such as innovation, emission, etc. Optimize the rigs of water resources in the basin and resolutely brake the waves of water.

Third, it is necessary to improve the effectiveness of ecological environment. Adhere to nature recovery is main, artificial repair is supplemented, and the effectiveness of ecological protection is improved.

Strengthen the protection of glaciers and degraded grasslands, and implement wetland protection recovery projects to improve water source cultures.

Promoting the comprehensive management of soil and earthlunction in the hills of the upper reaches of the Loess Plateau, and scientifically promotes planting trees and improves local small climate. Strictly protect the natural wetlands of the river Delta, improve biodiversity, and create a good ecological model. Implement the comprehensive governance project of agricultural facial sources, industrial, urban life and tailings library, accelerate the investigation of the river, and vigorously rectify the pollutant straight, steal the row. Strictly Overemploying the Ecological Environment Highlighting the Issues and Rectification, and safeguard the interests of the people. Fourth, it is necessary to continuously improve the green development level.

In-depth promotion of the energy revolution, implement the "Energy Waters" reconstruction, adjust the energy production structure, play the optical thermal climate advantage, and promote large wind power photovoltaic bases and power delivery channels in the upper reaches.

Resolutely avoid "sports" to reduce carbon, reasonably control the strength and rhythm of coal development, accelerate the elimination of backward coal mine coal-electricity capacity, develop new energy storage, and ensure power supply stability and economic and social operation.

Adhere to the innovation and create priority, form a number of regional growth of a number of transformation and development, and speed up the construction of new development patterns.

Five must do a good job in planning policies. Conscientiously implement the general secretary of the Pharma to promote the spirit of the ecological protection and high quality development of the Yellow River Basin, ensuring effectiveness of the work.

The "1 + N + X" planning policy system is performed on time, and the "1 + N + X" planning policy system is perfecting, and the specific implementation is managed.

Effectively play the overall coordination role of the leadership group, in the same way, with the relevant departments, the target tasks, strengthen the implementation, and timely coordinate the resolution of major issues.