Original title: "Democratic Summit" Democratic Summit "The so-called" Democratic Summit "held by the" Democratic Defender ", the US, the Democratic Summit, held in a snoring. Inspiration, from "preheating" to the summit of the United States, the United States, the United States, who has worked hard, ushered in the embarrassing situation of "Lei Yongri Little".

This kind of democracy banner is intended to fight other countries, and the conferences of the split world will fail. It is not only the full value of the whole humanity. It is also the inevitable rules of history.

  The trend of the rebellion, the big one-sided, trying to monopolize democratic words, will be democratic politicization, instrumentation, weapons, and is not possible to succeed.

The "Democratic Summit" ended, once again proved that the United States did not qualify for the "Democratic Lighthouse", leading the so-called "democratic camp".

For American politicians, if they really care about democracy, they care about democracy, worrying that democracy is destroyed, the most concerned is not any other country, but the United States. According to the US media, in the day of the so-called "Democratic Summit", some protesters gathered in the United Nations Headquarters of New York, complaining with the disadvantage of US democracy in the form of "lifting".

The protesters have a "big capital", "Dark Politics" and other slogans, satirical US political bureaus is controlled by various non-democratic forces; there are also protesters to lift their coffins, and the US democracy has been "dead". Check the news, it is not difficult to find that such protests is not an accidental phenomenon. Even in the so-called "Democratic Summit", the US President Biden had to admit it in his opening speech: the United States is in social differences, and its democracy is facing a series of challenges.

"Capitol" has made "American Democracy" cracks in the beginning of last year, and the world has seen the American political system as "muddy giants". The problem of chasing roots, US democracy is not recently, and there is historical origin.

Although the early United States is "democracy", its people have never enjoyed full democracy. As China’s Bobarin said: three feet of frozen, not cold.

  In the early days of the United States, Totville wrote the era of political science, "the US democracy", and qualified to participate in the election, Americans who enjoy democratic rights, only the adult white male has producers.

In the historical context of the time, such a system arrangement does have certain advanced nature, and it is also objectively promoted democracy in Europe.

However, the fundamental, this system is obviously unfair to women, other people and the poor, both not to be full of democracy, and have a slogan of "Independent Declaration", "Everyone and Equality". Until 1865, the United States abolished the slavery after the end of the North and South War, and the black slaves in the plantation in the system were also human.

After that, after another 5 years, including the "Free Black" in the north, black men only got voting right for the first time.

In 1920, in the case of a few decades of gender leveling sports wind in Europe and the United States, the US government finally gave the country’s women’s voting rights, and this is later than most Western countries.

In fact, the struggle for black women struggle for the right to remain long.

  Only in the issue of voting rights, we are not difficult to see that people in the US "Democratic Lighthouse" have no built. The "historical heritage" lying on the ancestors is not enough to let the United States naturally maintain its "democracy", and it is not enough to protect the democratic rights of the American people.

In democratic practice, the intervention of capital on the election results, the politician’s operation of the electoral process, the pressure of the strong group is still endless, so that the US people can really get a big discount.

  For a long time, "money politics" has been the background of American democracy.

Under the "shell packaging" of democratic voting, it is often a decisive role in the election, often the power of money and capital. The rich will pick a qualified political agent through the way of funding the campaign funds, making them a candidate, and then winning the battle, causing the election to become "political show" by money driver and operation. "

Candidates are busy raising funds for elections, but ignore the truly concern of ordinary people. In addition to capital’s power, there are many other issues that hinder the exercise of democratic rights in a variety of ways. In the political area, the most typical example is the so-called "Jeri Dragonfly" phenomenon.

The so-called "Jeli Dragonfly" refers to the politician to obtain victory in the case of the actual support rate by politicians.

Because this operation is completely selected, it will cut out a very unreasonable partition boundary, such as the shaped shape, which is the origin of this phenomenon.

In addition, in many counties in the United States, the thresholds and costs that are raised by the white-owned local governments will use a variety of names to raise their voting rights in essence. These long-standing problems let the US people’s democratic rights are greatly reduced. In this regard, the American society is not unknown, but it does not take effective solutions. People can not help but ask: Is it a US political system that is incomplete, or those that have both interests that are all unwilling to solve it? The United States is undoubtedly a slogan, pain, pain, will be more energetic to use the reform of its own society, rather than the cold war thinking. (China Youth Daily) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.