Many people drink coffee for refreshing, let themselves wake up, but have you experienced the opposite effect after you have had a cup of coffee, feel more tired? There will be difficult to concentrate on the spirit, sensitive and irritability, doze off, etc., this may be "caffeine crash". Many people who love coffee have experienced "caffeine crash". Why do you feel more tired? Caffeine is a stimulant that increases the activities of the brain and nervous system.

Caffeine will affect individuals in different ways, and may even experience "caffeine crash". This may be caused by a variety of reasons, such as how long you have slept one night, the current anxiety, whether you eat enough things, sugar intake, and have a sufficient amount of water. The phenomenon of caffeine crashes may also be caused by a molecule called adenosine, and adenosine will make you sleemelt.

When you take caffeine, it combines with adenosine receptors in the brain to temporarily block its functions.

In other words, caffeine does not really "eliminate" fatigue, just temporarily preventing fatigue signals from passing to the brain.

Once the caffeine has gradually disappeared, all accumulated adenosine will play its original function and produce an extremely fatigue crash effect.

  How to drink coffee and don’t feel tired? Supplement sufficient moisture, make sure every drinking coffee is equipped with isometric white water, because sufficient hydration prevents fatigue. In addition, things put in coffee will affect the energy level.

If additional sugar is added, it will affect the level of blood sugar and insulin, which causes lethargy. Dairy products also have an impact because the dairy products contain chromatosine, which is related to lethargy.

  What ways can you let you wake up in the morning? Caffeine will disturb the sleep cycle, so don’t take caffeine before going to bed, so that the body will naturally relax, and you can get high quality sleep. Keeping good sleep to help wake up in the morning, don’t sleep late at night, make sure you have 7 to 9 hours a night.

In addition, don’t touch the mobile phones, etc.