In the helpers of the echelon player, the foot school student and the club employee, on the afternoon of November 10, the Zhejiang Professional Football Club will start from Hangzhou Zhongtai Base. The goal of returning to the super "initiation shock. Like the first three times, the big list of this team also has a small change – the old captain who has been injured is always able to travel to Meizhou with the team.

Last season, talking about Yang as the team’s back to guard against the back of the team, using his height and experience, helping the team to win the victory, especially in the competition of the Chasing and Chengdu team, is his headball to let Zhejiang team 1 The opponent was overdown than 0, eventually entered the upgrade.

  Compared to talking about Yang’s backup, foreign aid Matthew seems to have a little luck, because in the previous warm-up match, this Brazilian foreign aid had to miss a period of time.

In the previous two stages, Matthew contributed three into the team and 2 assists, and his sharp breakthrough also made a vitality for the Zhejiang team. His temporary absence will undoubtedly affect the efficiency of the team offensive.

Fortunately, the state of the team is not bad, Gao Di, and Cuiren have reached the status before, coupled with the high-oentalemo that has just received the National Games champion, and Shao Renzhe, who has been good at the center of the center. The team’s fourth phase of the team has a rich choice. In order to allow the team to meet the game in a better state, on the morning of November 10, Zhang Yadong, deputy director of the Zhejiang Sports Bureau, and Zhang Yadong, who have been coached by Luo Xuejuan, came to Zhongtai Base, giving the members. A stereological "sports psychology class" shared his experience and unique method in sports psychological regulation and construction. The relevant person in charge of the club said that the current league has entered the most critical stage, and it is best to do every detail in terms of logistics protection.

  It is reported that the fourth stage of China, China will begin on November 20th, and the specific schedule has not finally determined.

If there is no accident, the Zhejiang team will facing Kunshan, Guizhou, Chengdu and Wuhan.

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