Original title: Winter delivery is a recent, the temperature of Lanzhou is reduced to zero, and the big snow is accompanied by the strongest cold wave since the autumn. It has increased difficulties to the city’s epidemic prevention and control and wandering workers. To this end, the city’s rescue management station urgently increased the rescue efforts of 24 hours on the street, combining the "cold winter warmth" special action and epidemic prevention and control work.

In order to effectively maintain the basic rights and interests of the wandering and beggar, avoid the streets of the wandering and beggar, the streets of night, also let the dilemma in the cold winter, the warmth of the government, the social concern, the city rescue management station Arrange staff to the bus station, railway station, major streets, underground channels, park places, bridge culverts, etc. Take online investigation. In order to meet the different needs of different rescue objects, let the help target get better rescue, the Lanzhou City Rescue Management Station takes an individualized classification and rescue of different types of help: the wandering beggars who have a rescue, patiently persuade them to help The station accepts rescue; for the insistence and reluctance to receive the wandering and beggars, give them instant noodles, pure water, coat, cotton, mask and other life and epidemic prevention supplies, and remind it to keep warm at night; The critically ill patients in personnel, and mental patients immediately sent to fixed-point hospital for treatment. Lanzhou Daily Social Media Chief Reporter Ge Qiang (Editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Yuting) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.