On the 16th, it was learned from the press conference held from the State Council Information Office that the first China Network Civilization Conference will be held at Beijing National Convention Center on November 19. The conference is the theme of "gathering to the good power, working together to build a network civilization", and will release ten major events in the new era network civilization, to build a network civilization action initiative, a series of network civilization construction results will also be released in the sub-forum.

  Civilized Pentium. The earth, everything is a quadch; the cloud is exciting.

Strengthening the construction of network civilization is an important task accelerating the construction of a strong country and building a socialist modern country.

Since June, the Central News Network Office, the National Radio and Television Administration has jointly launched the "rice" chaos rectification, and netizens actively evaluate.

Time demand, the people look forward to the cloud, the clouds, to the good and beautiful homes, to strive for the new journey to enter the network civilization power, help the people’s happiness life more color, is a history.

  The construction of the cloud civilization homes is righteous, and it is a common to the good.

In recent years, we have insisted that the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping is especially the important thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the network of strong countries. Implement a group of network laws and regulations, a group of network laws and regulations, carry out a number of network-specific rectification actions, build a group of network civilization practical brands; the "People’s Republic of China Personal Information Protection Law" A series of laws and regulations such as "Internet News Information Service Management Regulations", "five one hundred" network works collection selection broadcast, "Write youth Huazhang on the land of the motherland", Qing Lang "" net "" protects seedlings "special rectification Action, "Strive to be China Good Internet Citizen Project", "China Good People Online Burst", "Youth Network Civilization Volunteer Action", etc. The rule of law is more powerful, the network space ecological environment is more clear, the network space civilization is more highlight, the cloud civilized homes, beautiful up, booming; pride, good, vitality.

  The Times Charges are rumored, and the network civilization is building horses. The first China Network Civilization Conference lightly came, and the group gathered, condensed wisdom, and litted the future.

The Central Leading Comrade issued an important speech and speech. The main forum invites government departments to be responsible for comrades, Internet companies and network social organizations, experts and scholars and netizens representatives.

The content of the forum is exciting, online content construction forum, talking about China’s story, helps network civilization; network ecological governance challenges and responding to the forum, focusing on network ecological chaos, especially the unexpected outstanding problem; network rule of law forum , Pay attention to the network of civilization and personal information protection; the Youth Network Civilization Turango Forum, Cohesion Youth Force, Building a Network Civilization; Data and Algorithm Forum, Combining Gathering Algorithm Comprehensive Treatment, Building Network Civilization Cornerstone; Network Public Welfare Charity Development and Challenge Dealing with Forum , Digital condense to good strength, network public welfare civilization; platform economic integrity construction forum, integrity is bright, civilized, the future.

Summary, before the appearance; outline, show the future; wisdom, illuminate the journey.

  History is progressing in the summary, and civilization is progressing in innovation. The General Assembly will release the new era online civilization construction and the construction of the network civilization, the conference, the construction of the online civilization, design blueprints and construction drawings for network civilization. On the new journey, we must pay close attention to the implementation of the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Network Civilization"; we must create top and down efforts to strengthen the lead, space culture, moral construction, behavioral norms, ecological management, civilization; we want In-depth study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and comprehensively improve the level of network civilization network, and promote the healthy development of network civilization.

Exploration will never stop, innovation leads, and network civilization construction is always in progress.

  "Give gathering to the good strength, and work together to build network civilization" is the theme of the conference. It is the new journey called. The construction of network civilization is to build an ecological Qinglan network space, build a network power, and achieve the second hundred years of struggle to protect the escort.

Online civilization construction is coming, the cloud is better to good home. Yin Jianuang Edited:.