Original title: Stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres (commentator observation) pay attention to incentive protection, use the actuator, insist on the truth and hard, to the sword, take the initiative to become a more distinctive work Guide Xi Jinping General Secretary, " A businessman is active, it is the responsibility of cadres, but also the value.

The party puts the cadres in various positions. "Since the Party’s 18th National Congress, with the issuance of the" Opinions on Further Incentive to the New Age of Cadres ", the cadre management system mechanism continues to improve, providing a strong guarantee for the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of exciting the entrepreneurial entrepreneurship of the major grassroots cadres. In recent years, the grassroots style construction will be in-depth and grassroots cadres, and the implementation force is recognized by the masses.

However, in some places, the grassroots cadres are busy, and the phenomenon of personnel is still existentially exist. The reporter found that the idle grassroots cadres show a variety of types. Some people are used to doing the handkerchief. Some people have "do not understand computers" is working in the mining. Some people are afraid that they don’t dare to dry … .

  The grassroots work is more, the task is heavy, and most of the grassroots cadres are often in the hard work state.

Some places have idle situations, and the management mechanisms of cadres are not strong enough, there is a big relationship with both system implementation. It should be seen that these phenomena have a negative impact on the enthusiasm of grassroots cadres’ officers.

In the long run, it will not only bring bad luck, causing adverse effects, but also possible to delay the opportunity to develop opportunities and harm the interests of the masses. Good cadres are selected, and it is more tube.

The correct employer is directed, and it is the most direct and effective incentive of cadres. For example, through the improvement of the evaluation mechanism, so that the assessment results are used to choose from the selection, the evaluation of the evaluation, etc., let the people have a bit, let the unrestrained unrestrained mechanism, more accurately grasp "Three districts are disconnected", to take responsibility, to support the car, let the trunk are affordable. Adhere to severe management and love, both incentives, and constraints, can form an effective incentive mechanism.

  The grassroots cadre is the key to strengthen the basic work of the base layer. Can you form a good atmosphere of business entrepreneurship, to a large extent, the working state of the grassroots cadres. From Shandong Jinan, the cadres are incentive to motivate implementation methods and related rules, providing specificization, implementation of institutional guarantees for the official business, to Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China Construction of "Cognitive", sequential recognition materials "cadres work mechanism, through the situation, officer, The ability to find the ability to identify cadres, and then to Guangxi adhere to "Done, it is wrong, does not change the status," Practice has proved, paying attention to incentive protection, uses the actuator, insists on the truth, and the sword is not swing, and take the initiative will become a more distinct work orientation. Once the good choice of people, once the people are formed, they will attract more party members and cadres to promote the reform of the promotion and their own home.

  "Thank you for your organization’s tolerance and love." A local cadres complied with fault error correction situations. After understanding its work, excellent performance, after the public, organized to recommend it as "acting as a good job, good cadre" candidate.

The discipline constraint cannot be lack of hardness, and the organization care is also maintained. Establishing a forward incentive system for advocating, driving, fueling, helping grassroots cadres to lightly loaded, struggle, we can guide the correct employer, the official entrepreneurship is more distinct, motivating the majority of grassroots cadres to fight for mission, constantly Create new performance.

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