Trademarks as a sign of the source of commodity sources is a weapon for market mains to attract consumers and accumulated goodwill.

Which marks can be registered as a trademark? Which markers are not used as a trademark? The People’s Network has been combed. Which marks can be registered as a trademark? The trademark law provides, any logo that can distinguish the product from the goods of the goods, legal persons, or other organizations, including text, graphics, letters, numbers, three-dimensional logo, color combination, sound, etc., and the combination of the above elements, Apply for a trademark.

The trademark method is also clear, and the trademark of the application shall have a significant feature, which is easy to identify, and may not conflict with others.

Which markers are not used as a trademark? The trademark law stipulates that the following markers shall not be used as a trademark: the name of the place name or the public name of the publicly known as the county level or the public name is not a trademark.

However, the place name has other meanings or as a collective trademark, except for trademark components; trademarks that have been registered useful continue to be effective.

Can the name of the public include a registered trademark? "The Supreme People’s Court regulates the provisions of several issues of trial of trademarks to relieve administrative cases" "Clear, trademark logo or its constituent elements may have negative and negative impact on my country’s public interests and public order, the people’s court can identify it belonging to trademark law The specified "have other adverse effects".

What should I do if the cottage trademark confused? The trademark law stipulates that the trademark of the same or similar product application is replicated, imitation or translation of the well-known trademarks that others are not registered in China, which is easy to cause confusion, not registered and prohibited.