Shanghai Pudong New Area, the people focused their attention on the problem caught the rectification of urgency, the hope is to force the point Huan Ning Hong Xie Wei Qun 2020 at 08:22 on January 14 Source: how to rescue patients gain more valuable time? Rural "Big House" how to transform talent apartment? Yangtze River Delta region, including residents apply for health insurance, social security, archives, tax and other matters, how real "data and more running, less errands masses"? Community parking problem there is no way to ease? Shanghai Pudong New Area in the second batch of solid progress "beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education in the process of focusing people’s livelihood "pain point", the door will encounter "difficulties", and ran to the problem, staring at issue change, so that the people truly feel the new results brought the theme of education.

Yang Jing street located in the public interest belonged to the hospital is a public hospital, many surrounding the old district, a serious aging population, high incidence of acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, each year for the residents door emergency service 1.9 million passengers, only emergency patients on a daily basis there are about 700 people.

For the characteristics of the disease spectrum of clients, in 2013 the hospital public interest to establish a "save the heart, brain rescue, life-saving" green channel lifeline development goals.

2018, Gong Li took the lead through the national hospital with chest pain and stroke center certification center in Shanghai at the same level hospital.

As of last September, "croquet Time" (directly reflect myocardial infarction aid efficiency, that the ambulance arrived at the hospital doors to the time of percutaneous coronary intervention) has been shortened to 70 minutes, at the forefront of Shanghai at the same level hospital. Last September, after the second installment of "early heart did not forget, remember our mission," the theme of education to start, Gong Li from the hospital Party committee masses demand, and actively look for problems, sort out the various critically ill patients rescue the whole process, also found time emergency room for improvement.

Limited manpower how to do, Applied Science and Technology.

Gong Li Hospital science to carry out emergency response work process reengineering, information-based, integration of related departments, the establishment of "a key to start" mode, emergency pre-screening station after receiving first aid nurse critically ill patient information, "a key to start" multidisciplinary emergency response program, synchronization information sharing to rescue teams, various medical departments simultaneously emergency preparedness, this way, "croquet time" but also shorten the 9 minutes, shortened to 61 minutes. Pudong people start work from the convenience of innovative institutional mechanisms to try.

From November 1 last year, Pudong New Area 36 Street Town of community affairs handling service center can be thought Yangtze River Delta residents apply for health insurance, social security and other 21 personal matters, to achieve a special window under the Yangtze River Street, "a Netcom Office" line town 100% coverage. Who lives in Pusan ??Road Ms. Tu home in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, loss of marriage certificate required for the relevant procedures, she must return to the past, Shaoxing handle, and now, in the Yangtze River Delta, "a Netcom to do" special window, Ms. Tu takes only 10 minutes to get Evidence. Such convenience thanks to further promote the theme of education.

Lujiazui, Pudong New Area in the street, Zhang Town Center on the admissibility of a pilot basis, the Yangtze River Delta initiative to set up special window under the "one China Netcom Office" line, District 36 street town window Reception Center completed the integration work, the first to achieve 100% through a single window to do in the city . Moreover, Pudong in the design of work processes for the public to "data and more running, running errands masses less" as the goal, efforts to highlight the speed and Pudong Pudong temperature.

Zhang Banghua the elderly is a national model worker, because of advanced age, poor vision, need to apply for a long care insurance.

In the elderly, accompanied by social workers handle down to the residence of the "doorstep" service station staff for their remote deputy, a few minutes to complete.

"This apartment rural people, we too needed.

After "Not long ago, China COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, deputy party secretary Liu Shu new village visited the Zhangjiang talent apartment, sent a such a sigh. Last May, Zhang Xinfeng town’s first building apartment rural people ushered in the minimally invasive young medical staff.

For them, this beautiful environment, complete facilities, the rent was cheap, it is a good place. Behind this "high cost" rural apartment Zhangjiang talent eager for talent.

"Since the beginning of the heart do not forget, remember our mission" to carry out the theme of education, Zhangjiang continue to make an issue of rural talent apartment.

On how to ensure the interests of the thorny issue of the villagers due in rural talent while building the apartments, Zhang Town held a forum with the villagers, and in a targeted manner so that rural people Apartment construction side and the improvement of standards of villagers signed a contract, the contents of the villagers concerned about everything crystal clear, fully protect their rights and interests. As a result, talent apartment construction has been widely supported by the villagers.

Currently Zhang Town also completed three sets of contract, is negotiating five, and then try signing about 10 years. In addition to the homestead, Zhangjiang also exploring the rural collective idle factory building for rural talent apartment. Located in Yanggao Road, Hi-Tech Road, Fairview Road section of the street by the flowers Yan Man Road community, less than seven meters wide, there is no painting of parking spaces, "overflow" makes this vehicle alleys "hard road" near the two schools and markets so that Yan Min road travel difficult.

Order to solve the urgent needs of the residents and the actual parking illegally parked disorder caused by disorder, landscaped street, Ju Wei, Pudong traffic police and other units sitting together, focus on the final night parking has become a breaking point.

After soliciting the views of residents, road design Battalion detachment programming, open-sided parking. Today, Yan Min along the west side of the road had opened 37 parking spaces, work at 6 am to 7 am the next day, weekends and holidays throughout the day can stop. This time only to avoid the vehicle transfer students, but also to meet the needs of office workers parking at night. Pudong traffic police Yan Min replicate the typical road traffic management practices, highlighting the area around the static traffic demand management, continuous mining perimeter support small street parking resources, to make up for lack of off-street parking, especially at night additional road parking, residential areas at night to ease parking problems. So far, Pudong has 30 night road parking, berths 1539.