Milin Duan Road, which was built by China Electric Construction Group.

65 years ago, Dong Zhixiong took the water resource census work in the Hubuchu River and the Galgra River in the Changdu River in Tibet, opened China Electric Construction to China, serving Tibet, assisting Tibet, building Tibet.

  Complete more than 95% of hydropower planning in Tibet, build the first water storage energy station in Tibet, the first hydropower station of Yarlun Zangbi, participate in the highlights of the electricity, etc., select excellent aid cadres to relay … China’s electric construction, Tibet, incorporates the plateau, leaving a deep footprint in the Dajiang Da River in Tibet, the completed energy power, water resources and environment, infrastructure and other field projects are covered with the Snow Plateau, and constantly write central enterprises in the world row. And taken. Support Tibet Building Tibet "Take the sheepskin 子 江 江,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"In 1956, a census team in China Electric Built has passed the Sichuan-Tibet highway in Tibet, and has entered Tibet Changdu to carry out geological and hydrological measurements. Since the mountain high water is urgent, a team member has left such a thrilling record of.

  Go ahead to dangers.

The hard danger of the plateau has not blocked the footsteps of the building aid.

  A batch of China’s electric construction staff, stepping on the snow plateau, the power construction of the highland.

  By 1979, China Electric Building is organized and analyzed by rivers, Yarlun Zangbao, Lhasa River, Pacted, Woache, etc. Result.

  Support Tibet, building Tibet is a lofty political task. China’s electric construction has always used the most stringent standard to choose a helper. In 2013, China Electronics Construction Group was carefully selected to carry out talent assistance to Tibet Tianwi Company (after the reorganization of Tibet Construction Materials Group), and strive to introduce a good management experience of central enterprises into the plateau. Since then, China’s electric construction aid cadres gradually institutionalize, standardize, and has already set up more than 60 people to carry out "group talent aid".

  Bai Yongsheng, China Electric Construction Aid Cadre, is currently the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tibet Construction Materials Group, deputy chairman and general manager. How to play the management experience of your centralized business? How to integrate centralized enterprise advanced management philosophy and thinking of the group? How to develop goals and planning for our three-year aid work? Why? What is it? What is left? At the beginning of Tibet, Bai Yongsheng continued to think about his own aid.

  Actively developed the special cement suitable for the construction of the Sichuan Tibet Railway and large hydropower stations; formulating scientific performance evaluation, assessment mechanism, employee annual income and business benefits, breaking the inherent thinking of "big pot rice"; coordination dispatched management personnel to batch Central Enterprises study … "Aid is one of the most valuable experiences in life. On the one hand, we have supported Tibet, and on the other hand, he also exercised himself.

Bai Yongsheng said.

  Today, with the support of a group of batch of batch of cadres, the total assets of the construction materials group, the total assets have doubled, and the industrial layout has extended to Sichuan, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities, and the first "go out of the country" into the Nepalese market.

  In 2020, Tibet Construction Materials Group created the total number of state-owned system of state-owned system,% of the state-owned system of employees, and% profit. The total amount of assets of Tianxiang, the main recipient, operating income, total profit increased by 328%, 306%, 1477%, respectively.

  Play an advantage to illuminate the Greaksee Gulan, the Alibawa Grand Canyon, the Gaoxia outlets.

Since the first large hydropower station of Yajiang Dishflow, the accumulated power generation has exceeded 10 billion degrees. This is China’s electrical establishment to play energy power core business advantages, and participate in a micro-shadow of Tibet energy development. In the past 65 years, the construction of China’s electric construction has adapts the concept of "building a reservoir, establishing a monument, and benefiting one of the people", and takes more than 95% of the water and electricity planning in Tibet, built a hydropower plan. Creating a historic power engineering, driving Tibet people, transforming "using good electricity", letting a water and electric pearl shine, shining the snow. China’s electric construction has completed the highest in Shanghai, the only pumping storage power station in Tibet, and started construction in 1989. In 1997, the first unit was officially grid-connected; – Jinhe Hydropower Station, in 2004 The unit is generated, and the history of Changdu grid is seriously shortened and there is no historic support for backbone power supply; – Shiquanhe water power station The first unit of the year is officially grid-connected, and the history of "Electricity Island" in Mo Zhi County is ended; – Ali Photovoltaic Power Station, the first photovoltaic power station in Tibet, Mr. Grid Power in 2013; – Double Lake Renewable Energy LAN Project, The world is the highest in Shanghai, currently my country’s largest capacitive photovoltaic project, ending the history of local unstable electricity, putting production power generation in 2016; The contest of the plateau.

  The Pagu Reservoir Project in Niku County, Lhasa City, is located in a high altitude area of ??more than 4,600 meters above sea level, and the construction environment is high and the temperature difference is large.

  "Many people have a plateau reaction, standing, dizziness, not to do well!" Ding Hairao, the head of the Project of China Electric Construction Basics Bureau, said that in order to carry out construction, the construction site is equipped with a high pressure oxygen chamber, high-pressure The anti-drug, shortening the time, etc., gradually defeated the plateau reaction.

  Working on the plateau, the spirit is higher than the plateau.

Jiang Changchun, China Electric Construction Aid Tibetan Cadre, said: "Seeing the seat electricity monument casting in the world’s ridges, it can feel the value of life." Adhere to "blood transfusion" and "hematopoietic" and retreated the wood hydropower station, a cost of 200 million The kilometers of kilometers of meta-funded is the highest in Shanghai, the largest fish roads in Asia. As the chief designer of Tibetan Hydropower Station in China, Zhang Lingming talks about the original intention of the design of the fishing road: "Let the ecological approach the most natural balanced state, protect fish resources, we don’t give up a hopes." Tibet is an important country Ecological safety barrier. "We adhere to the ecological environmental protection concept during the construction process, ensuring that he protects the soul grass, thousands of mountains.

Jiang Feng, the executive deputy general deputy general deputy general manager of Tibet Branch of China Electronics Construction Group, said.

  During the construction of the Mo Revelum County Paleo Highway, China Electric Construction Hydropower Nine-year Picking Sanbian Project Department took the initiative to avoid local fir, Tiger Tulan, Shi Beiling and other ancient trees and grass, and enclose the blocking and Listing protection, retain the original appearance. It uses local distribution, and it is convenient for naturally alciting Ziyuan, dandelion and other grass seeds, and grassseeds of grass seeds in the upper and lower slopes of the road, keep the road landscape. The project department also uses the new technology to restore the slope of the road, the original environment of the tunnel, so that the scenery of the Daiku Highway will no longer have people to intervene, and send the ink road to "road in the forest, Lin is on the road, the green line, the scene Constant chain "integrated green space, showing the original taste of the ink to the world. Jiang Feng introduced that China’s electric construction in Tibet has a large number of Tibet, always pays attention to absorbing local people in Tibet to participate in project construction, and enjoys the development of bonus, and has become an important channel that drives Tibet people to increase rich.

  "The party’s policy is good! Thanks to China’s electric construction to we brought the happiness days.

"The secretary of the 32-year-old Dagu Village Party Branch, Zhaxi Bad is full of excitement, he said that he said that he said:" Participating in the construction of the power station is both a building hometown and increasing income. "In 2016, China Electric Construction Hydropower Seventy Council entered the main project of Tibet to build hydropower projects.

Zhaxi Biza led the villagers, raising the purchase of 65 cars, undertakes construction tasks such as filling, earth and stone transportation at home.

  "The construction peak period can run 10 every day, transporting earth and stone, more than 300 square meters, revenue can reach 2,000 yuan." He said, "Take the salary, it is the happiest time."

"Enter the new era, China’s electric construction adheres to" blood transfusion "and" hematoprocketing "and re-re-reinging the concept, paying attention to the enhancement of the internal motility of the recipient, and promotes a single project support and cultivation of its own ability to promote synchronous advancement.

Through project support, industrial cooperation, equity cooperation, the promotion of various work, to support the continuous and high quality development of recipings, driving the income of farmers and herdsmen in Tibet.

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