Beijing Haidian Hospital emergency treatment room nurse Yang Nanci nucleus for patient drug information.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Ren Zhongjing National Day holiday, thousands of households enjoy a good time. At the same time, there are also many people who stick to their positions and fight together. They serve the people in their respective positions, guarding thousands of lights, using silent adheres to the mission, and use selfless dedication to interpret patriotic feelings. When I went all out, she was guarded. When Tian just gave it bright, the China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Company Hangzhou passenger period attendant Wu Cheng started a busy day.

Check the car hygiene and disinfection, place service supplies, organize car appearance … "This is my first time in the National Day holiday, must be particularly serious." Wu Chengli said. More than 6 hours of journey, 12 stops along the way, Xiao Wu always concentrates. But in her opinion, "It doesn’t matter if you have a good relationship. As long as the passengers are safe and warm, my pay is meaningful." Some people use the footsteps to measure the responsibility, and some people bring hope with hands.

Shortly in the morning, I ushered in a patient with acute chest pain. "Where is it uncomfortable? There is no similar symptom …" Asked the patient’s medical history, Guangdong Second People’s Hospital emergency department guardian Zheng Yuehua immediately transferred the patient to the emergency room Arrange an electrocardiogram, open venous channels, etc. Busy a day, Zheng Yuehua is basically unable to stop, and even eating can be interrupted at any time. Not only is the nerve to be tight, but this post also needs full patience.

In the division, Zheng Yuehua encountered a difficult patient, a problem, a problem, it needs to be repeated many times, and the scorpion will be hoarse. Such a nervous scene is the work of her National Day holiday. "I can help the patient, I have a sense of accomplishment." In Shandong Guan County, with the increase of holiday people, the Guan County Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau established three party member pioneers Adhere to the party members take the lead, all employees, uninterrupted inspections, ensure the holiday city is beautiful, clean and tidy, orderly. "As a party member, do a good job, and provide a comfortable environment for the majority of tourists. I feel very pleased.

Zhou Rui Yong, a staff member of Guan County Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau.

The construction keeps, ensuring the construction site in the Sichuan Tianfu New District Xinglong Lake Society Optical Site, large machinery comes back and forth, more than 1,000 construction workers stick to the front line, and intensively carry out the construction of large optoelectronic system R & D. Construction. "To ensure that the holiday is also our time period.

Zhao Lianxiang, the head of the second game of the Second Bureau of China, introduced that the project will be a new breakthrough in the relevant fields after the completion of the photoelectric infrastructure cluster.

The underlying forest is full of dyes, the top of the mountain is cold. In the 2022 Winter Olympics in the Winter Olympics, the construction of the construction is still a hot fire.

Liu Wenhao, Beijing North, Olympic Construction Co., Ltd., Beijing North, Beijing, China

Fan Zhaowei, project manager from China Jianstring, a public office, is leading the construction team to grasp the design and construction of double lattice. "According to the climatic conditions of Xiaohe Takhan and the experience of the past test, the double lacquered room as an important place for the Winter Olympics Press Release Department, and the time window of the National Day holiday must be used. All employees will go to the scene every morning." Fan Zhaowei said.

"Through optimal design, we optimize the double lacked room from the original concrete foundation as the steel structure basis, minimizing the damage to the original mountain." Fan Zhaowei said. Serving the people, solve the difficulties "", the news from the WeChat group: the old Yue Ting elderly in the village were sick.

Yang Chunfang, the cadres of Jongshu Mountain Village, Qionghu Street, Hunan Province, in duty, decided to take a look. When I arrived in the old man, I learned that it was just a cold, Yang Chunfang took a little bit. Seeing the lights in the house, Yang Chunfang took the light bulb carefully, and found that the filaments were going to fall off, and they immediately bought a new light bulb. "The big festival is also special to see me, it is truely like loved ones.

"The old man is very touched.

The villager’s food and clothing is in the hearts of Yang Chunfang.

He and colleagues grouped to visit, 458 households in the village, anything is difficult, who is not good, who is university, who needs employment, village cadres have established accounts, clear.

In the visit, it was found that the difficulties and problems of the villagers were difficult to solve, and the Village Second Commission regularly meeting, collectively negotiated, and resolved one by one. Daily safety, vaccination, medical insurance farm … Every job must be implemented to each household. "Serving the villagers, can’t have a day. The people call! The people are working well, our heart is practical." Yang Chunfang said.

In the night of Kunming, Kunming, Yunnan Province, Li Yongming, still carried out a car.

The street alley is so familiar, but Lao Li did not fall lightly. He shook his speed, staring at the window, and he passed through the key area. He also got off the car.

"There is a dispute in Tianyu Square. Please patrol the police to the disposal." The instructions came in the interiith, and the old Li rushed to the scene. After arriving at the scene, some patient mediation, both parties handsome words and. "People’s livelihood is not small, and I have to go." I have to go. "Looking at the light of a resident building gradually extinguished in the night, Lao Li said, this is the most beautiful scenery in his heart. (Our reporter Dou Yongyang, Jiang Xiaodan, Xiao Jiaxin, Zhang Wen, He Yong, He Yong, Ye Chuancheng) "People’s Daily" (October 4th, 2021) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Share more people Download to the client.