[】 The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Recently released "The 14th Five-Year Data Industry Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning") proposed that by 2025, my country’s large data industry calculation scales broke through 3 trillion yuan, innovative strength Highly added value, the autonomous controllable modern large data industry system is basically formed. China Information Communications Research Institute Development conducted system layout. To grasp the opportunity, promote the development of the big data industry to develop a new level. Xie Shaofeng, the Director of the Data Industry, Wide Development Space Ministry of Information Technology, said that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is my country’s accelerating construction and manufacturing, network strong country, digital China’s critical period, and proposes new Higher requirements, the big data industry will enter a new stage of integrated innovation, rapid development, depth application, and structural optimization. He said that data has become a fifth largest production factor outside the land, labor, capital, and technology.

The value of data elements is reflected in two aspects. According to the "Plan", "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the development of big data industry should promote high quality development as the main line, with the main line of structural reform, to release data elements, and focus on the construction of industrial development, and vigorously promote High quality data resources, high technology innovation, infrastructure high-performance, focus on building a stable and efficient industrial chain, focus on improving industrial supply capacity and industry empowering effect, industrial ecology, cultivating independent controllable and open cooperation, New Advantages of Digital Economic Development. According to the "plan", by 2025, the big data industry maintains a rapid growth, the value system is initially formed, the industrial foundation continues to be consolidated, the industrial chain is stable and efficient, the industrial ecological benign development, strong innovation, high added value, independent controlled modernization The data industry system is basically formed. Among them, the scale of large data industry has exceeded 3 trillion yuan, and the average annual compound growth rate was kept at around 25%. Around the value of data elements, consolidate the development of industrial development, build a stable and efficient industrial chain, create a prosperous and orderly industrial ecology, "planning" proposes the main task of high quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, deploying key actions.

  Promoting the high-quality development of high-quality development of large data industry, Zhang Li, president of the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, said "Planning" based on the realistic foundation of my country’s large data industry development, and complies with the era of the industrial economy into the Data Economic and Its Data Elemental Market. The new direction and new requirements are digitally digitally digitalized in the digital industrialization, and the digital industrialization is taken in the industrial digital industrialization, and the system layout has been promoted in the new stage, which is an important guidance from the development of my country’s large data industry.

  Zhang Li said that my country’s large data industry ushered in a new round of development opportunities, and we should vigorously promote high quality development of large data industry.

  First, enhance the basic advantages, and the development advantages are developing drivers. Overall, the size advantage of data resource, the advantages of some fields and the broad market space advantage are important relying on the major data industry in my country. It should be based on the basic advantages, the advantage is power, fully stimulate data elements potential, and speed up the development of large data industry chains to high-end, modernization, continuous deepen big data and physical economic integration, and promote the development of large data industries. Second, grasp the core of development and promote the value of data elements. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, promote the development of large data industry to persist in data elements, aggregate, circulate, applications, and governance throughout, accelerate the improved data value system and market rules, and strengthen data elements in driving economic and social transformation. Strategic, basic role, implementing data elements, value release and value creation. Third, clarify the main direction of the main attack, and coordinate the development of industry-based high-quality and industrial chain modernization. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, in order to promote the integrated innovation, depth application, structure optimization, the high-quality development of integrated innovation, depth application, and structure optimization, and the high-quality development of the industry, and moderately deploy communication, integration, and integration. Wait for new infrastructure, improve technical research and market cultivation capacity, play standard leading role, building a building root in the industry; second, we must focus on improving industrial supply capacity, optimizing product supply quality, improve industrial chain, meet economic and social digital development demand, strengthening Big data supports the support of the new development pattern of promoting the high quality development of the economy.

  Its fourth, focusing ecology construction, and cooperates to promote the construction of industrial ecosystem.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, we must adhere to cooperative development, classification and guidance, and give full play to the core subject effect of large data enterprises, accelerate the industrial ecology of the construction of resources, the main body synergy, and regional collaboration, and fully stimulate the driving force and potential of industrial development.

  Focusing on the important link to break through the Dean of China Information Communications Research Institute, Yu Xiaohui, "Planning" to make a comprehensive deployment of the overall requirements of the development of large data industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, major tasks and security measures.

Among them, technological innovation, product services, infrastructure, data security, etc. are an important part of the development of large data industry. To this end, we should take the initiative to plan, accelerate the development, and promote the development of my country’s large data industry development.

  First, strengthen technological innovation and grab the development of industrial development. Improve my country’s big data technology level, we should focus on several aspects: comprehensive carding technology development status, clapping my country’s technical advantages and disadvantages, doing "solid foundation, warming, repair short board, strong"; reform technology research and development project Establishment and organizational implementation, strengthen demand orientation, cultivate technology transfer mechanism and technical manager in large data field, improve technical transfer professional service capabilities; accelerate talents training and introduction, encourage colleges and universities to optimize large data discipline professional settings, cultivate high quality technical skills Talents, attracting big data talents back to the country.

  The second is to optimize product services and improve key areas competitiveness.

Improve my country’s large data products and service levels, we should focus on several aspects: promote marketization of resources, further stimulate market vitality; strengthen financial support, increase research and development of large data basic software and hardware; innovate big data service model and New service models such as business, development intelligent services, operational integration, and cultivate high quality large data service providers around the diagnostic consultation, architecture design, system integration, operation and maintenance. The third is to improve the infrastructure, and the strong industry empowers. Enhance my country’s large data infrastructure level, we should focus on several aspects: focus data collection and transmission, high level construction 5G and Gigabit light network, promote industry network, smart pipe network, car network and other Internet of Things planning layout, consolidation Communication network infrastructure; compliance integrated situation, strengthen overall coordination, optimize data center layout; combining regional level of intelligence demand, co-ordination of high performance intelligence intelligence intelligence force, uniform construction and dispatching, unified integration infrastructure construction; Data flow and data industry applications, build a common ability platform, scientific layout data circulation and application infrastructure.

  The fourth is to protect data security and build a digital economic firewall.

Improved data security protection capacity in my country, we should focus on several aspects: strengthen the top floor design of large data security, build a comprehensive regulatory policy and standard system, provide protection for data security; strengthen data security technology and product development and application, improve data security Product supply capabilities, promote data security industry development; promote data cross-border safety management, data security monitoring platform and other key areas, improve risk monitoring and traceability analysis capabilities, and strengthen data security control system construction. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.