Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "We must pay special attention to the essence of China’s five thousand civilizations, combining the promotion of outstanding traditional culture with Marxist position, and unswervingly caught the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. "How to know the precious spirit wealth of China’s five thousand years of civilization? How to activate the vitality of China’s excellent traditional culture? Around these problems, the famous scholar of the studio dialogue, the original principal of Northwestern University. The words are reasonable: How to meet the uniqueness of Chinese civilization and the contemporary value of China’s excellent traditional culture? Zhang Xi Zhi: Chinese civilization has a history of five thousand years, with a deep history and cultural heritage, and ancient Egyptian civilization, two rivers civilization, Indian civilization and the oldest world’s four major civilizations.

Compared with these three ancient civilizations, it can clearly see the silty landscape of Chinese civilization.

The outstanding traditional culture of China is the spiritual life of the Chinese nation. It is a strong spiritual force that condenses the heart, gathering people, overcoming difficulties for the Chinese nation, and endlessly provides a strong spiritual support. The words are reasonable: Please tell us about China’s outstanding traditional culture can provide our spiritual wealth for our struggle today? Zhang Xiizhi: We take "100 pairs" in the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period as an Example.

Confucianism, Taoist, Fas, Yin Yangjia, famous family, ink home, vertical, military home, female, farmhouse, "novelist" in the street lane, etc. "Hundreds of Learning" penetrates the dialectical spirit of tracing some sources, the harmonious spirit of the people, pays attention to the moral spirit of the personality, and the spirit of the long cultural and communication of the people, with the heritage The spirit of the world and the self-reliant spirit of hard work, and the self-improvement of endlessness. In particular, Confucian founders Confucius put "people" as the center of the theoretical discussion, the first systematic discussion on people’s value, people’s ideals, perfect, human morality, interpersonal relationship, people and nature And other issues. Confucianism first proposes the concept of gentlemen "personality", advocates respecting the old, pension, relief loneliness, hard work and brave, etc., these have become the valuable spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation. The words are reasonable: How to activate the vitality of China’s excellent traditional culture? Zhang Xizhi: Some excellent cultural spirit in Chinese traditional culture leap out time and space, surpass the country, rich in charm, with contemporary value, and require us to activate its vitality in the times.

For example, the historical wisdom of China’s excellent traditional culture can provide ideological nourishing for the construction of human fate communities, such as "Confucian Wanbang", "the world Datong" thought, "Shang Zhonggui and" " "Thought provides the methodology foundation," ""

In advancement of China’s excellent traditional culture, in advance, innovation, will further enhance the firmness of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

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