Recently, the 2021 public security organs of the public security organs held by the Ministry of Public Security in the Autonomous Region of the Autonomous Region Department of Public Security Organs have successfully ended successfully, and laid a solid foundation for improving the capacity of the public security criminal investigation in our district..

  The reporter learned that in a four-day fierce competition, 51 team members have enhanced a number of professional skills involved in the new case site investigation, and produced the ultimate leader.Linzhi team won the first prize of the group, Lhasa, Ali team won the second prize of the group; the Lhasa team’s Xu Yuegui won the first prize, the Deaf team of Shigati, Lai Chengkang, Linzhi Team, received a second prize, ShannanThe representative team’s Sang Zhu, the Chen Zhuo, the Changdu team of Chen Zhuo, the Gaoyang of Ali Team received a personal three prize.(Reporter Car Jun Wei Internship Journalist Tang Jing) (Editor: Ondeng Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing Let more people see.