On September 8, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the national anti-necklace pneumonia epidemic commendation meeting. In this special life of the same serious epidemic, the Chinese people and the Chinese nation dare to fight, dare to win the victory, and cast life first. The whole country is concentric, forgotten, respecting science, destiny and a total of great cultivation. This is a brilliance, scientific summary, high concentration. "Thousands of millions are still strong", the anti-vouchers struggle quenched the great cultural and enemies, condensed the unmearable power, adding new motivation for the new era of the Chinese nation.

On the anti-optic battlefield without smoke, the great illneret is blind everywhere, and there are abundant strength factors from many levels.

  This is a decision of life, showing people-oriented as civil society.

Everything is to save lives, and everything is to save lives. With life to the upper part of the gathering force, the power of the country is against the law. In the anti-vlorative struggle, the nationality is not divided into and outside, and patients have no more old, and every life is full of protective.

The people who sparkling in the Chinese anti-vouchers, let us see the unity of the party’s will and the people’s wishes.

  Economic and social development, fundamentally, is to let people live a better life, and protect the people’s lives and health, just to make people better enjoy a better life. my country is about to enter the new stage of development, formulating and implementing "14th Five-Year Plan", must establish "people-oriented" concept, everything is human-effective, people-oriented, humanive purpose, understand people, respect people, care, people, love people, development For the people, develop relying on the people, the development results are shared by the people. This is the unity of the national concentric, showing the same boat, watching the family’s feelings. At the moment of life and death, the party Central Committee of Xi Jinping showed strong leadership, commanding thousands of people, and strategizing, and won thousands of miles away. The vibration armband, the gathering, the Chinese people from the top to the powerful implementation force is the system advantage of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

  The spiritual spirit of the anti-vloise spirit is provided for the new era of the Chinese nation. We will encounter many unknown difficulties in the new stage of development. As long as we unite, in the unified action in the party’s central government, we can draft the bobbys, break through the thousands of dreams to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation. This is a hard work of being born, showing the courage, and heroic fearless. "Ninghe yourself, not negative people", "People’s Heroes" national honorary title winner Zhang Bud’s voice is also the hearts of thousands of Communists. In the anti-vlorative struggle, we have seen their deep eyes, passing the confidence of the fighter must win and the responsibility of myself.

They were brave, persistent, and the strong strength, and the hero’s story touched everyone.

  The cultivation of the anti-vlohemial spirit is a hard work, inspiring the majority of party members who don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind their mission, and struggle.

In the new era of the Chinese nation, the people’s heroes need to go to see them, and they are trying to achieve it. They are forgotten to death, they will follow thousands of hard work. This is the respect for scientific, showing the law, advocating scientific attitude.

New coronal pneumonia virus is the enemy that lasted around humans. We have mastered its features through scientific means and take effective control means. Wuhan "Fengcheng", home isolation, and large-scale nucleic acid testing, all of which is based on science. The respected respected of the anti-vloise spirit, provides a model for the answer to the scientific answer for the Chinese nation of the new era.

On the way forward in the new development phase, there are many uncertain factors waiting to be explored, and there are many unknown waiting for solving. Building a socialist modern power can not be lighted with enthusiasm, but also have a spiritual spirit, respect the science, to accurately study the new development stage, the new development of scientific decision-making, chemical and chemical, open a new bureau in the change of the new game New struggles in the new development stage. This is the persistence of fate and total, showing open cooperation, and cooperates to win a win-win situation. In the anti-disease struggle, we adhere to the concept of human fate, strengthen international exchange cooperation, publicly open the epidemic information, quickly sharing some of the whole genome sequences of some poisonous plants, support WHO to play leadership, share prevention and control and beneficial practice with countries, and appear The country-proliferated countries provide assistance, which reflects a responsible big country.

  The destiny and total persistence of the anti-vlohemial spirit, providing new experiences in the new era of the Chinese nation. Under the big trend of economic globalization, China not only has to put their own things well, but also integrate into the world, providing the necessary cooperation and help for global governance. At the historical intersection of "two hundred years" struggle, we must vigorously promote the great importance of great cultivation in the whole society, so that it is rooted in the soul, seeing to the action, making it transformed into a comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries. , Realize the power of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

(Cai Enze).