Followed behind Baronia,After returning to Hubeli,Only a bud is a person who comes out。
Qi Yana rushed to the body of the bud,“Budding,I miss.,I haven’t eaten a buds for several days.!”
Bulk jacket with a cerebelow,said laughingly:“Do you think about me?,Or do you want me to give you a meal??”
Chapter 469 This is not like what you can say.
“Are you back??”
Ai Yinstein stands out in Houburya,Sweep one eye。
Her eyes stay in Qi Ya’s body for a while,Then look to Baronia。
Tesla then came out from the inside,Scratching some messy red hair said to the bud:“Budding,I have made you new armor.,There is also a piece of Bronia here.。”
“what?Dr. Shesera。”Scholar。
Tesla waved,Impatient:“What’s amiable?,Can grow your strength,Our security will also have more guarantees。”
“You two,Let me go to the trainer.,Two armored buildings are made according to some technological means of your data and inverse entropy.,There are still some defects on the data,Need to make debugging。”
“Um,Bronia,let’s go。”Bud coat and two doctors in Hubleyan,Others went to the female martial arts lounge。
“Han Jiang,That little girl is?”Kii looked at Bella whiskers around Qi Ya, who had a sea.。
Hanjiang nodded,“That girl,Bella,It is a tributary collapse,Benal。”
“Benal?”Be alert in the eyes of Ji,“Do not have problems??”
“Will not。”Han Jiang shook his head,“She will listen to Qiana’s words.。”
“but,What kind of festival is she seems to be with D’Lisa??”Ji asked。
“It should be the problem left when it is broken.。”Han Rong said。
When the second collapse broke out,Bella is a force given by Xilin,I have done a lot of bad things in human eyes。
Make a man in the Babylon laboratory,Many people of the female martial arts team also died in the hands of Bella。
There are several people in the Snow Wolf squad.,Directly or indirectly in Bella’s hands。
As for De Lisa,The contact with Bella is not,But I really can’t get up to her.。
Not to mention,De Lisa also has the factor of crazy beasts,Both parties are not dealttage is normal.。
Inside the laboratory,Look at the photo of Alistan and Tesla,Soon the debugging of two battles。
“Debugging is very smooth,The armor on your body can be put into operation.。”
Tesla standing in front of a bunch of instruments for observing combat data,Take the head:“Ha ha,This day, no matter whether it is manufacturing machine, it’s a female Wushen armor.,Debugging,The probability of these two armored errors in the battlefield is no more than one tenth。”
“Thank you,Dr. Tesla。”Birj cloth,Thank you very much.。
For a long time,Tesla’s self-blowing can only get the praise of Alistan.,Get the buds so sincere thanks,Tesla is not very embarrassed.。
Bronia received a gift to her5thartillery,Walking to Ai Minstan,I want to think about it, then I will make my mouth.。
“PhD,Question about the quantum……Baronia also wants to ask some questions。”