In the Star Lord,Night Ji is back,I have been looking into the picture in the summer.。
Now she already knows,The Golden Beast is not a purple to deal with it.。
now,Everything can only rely on the summer.。
There are few more than the night of the night.。
In fact,If she wants to help her family,It is possible to end the war as soon as possible。
But she didn’t。
Because if so,So black Venus’s star identity and rights,Will be recovered。
Night family is extremely large,Hundreds of planets,Direct and Pangle members count count。
She is in the family,It is just a small word of straight,Control and constraints everywhere。
There are countless ways,Double your heart meter and wrist,She became a black star’s star。
You can don’t have to see someone else’s face action here.,Not controlled and swearing。
Night citeo does not like the atmosphere of the family。
But all the year round,Also exercised her eyes,Look at the very accurate。
I didn’t pay attention to the summer.,Incidents in the summer must have strong growth potential,Is a talent worthy of cultivation。
But I didn’t expect it.,He will be in such a short period of time,Grow up to this point。
for a long time,She sighs softly。
Just at this time,Yunqing pushes pushes,Respectful,“Star,Monitor makes adults。”
“Please come in.。”
After a moment,A old man wearing a cyan robe,Enter this。
Night Ji slightly,“See the ethnic uncle,Night catheries are not well welcoming,Also seeing uncle Haihan。”
Old people have no expression,Straightforward,“Night Ji,I heard,I heard that there are nine strong people to help,They are driven away by you.?”
Night Ji Evergreen,“Their appetite is too big.,Opening is the mineral profit of Black Venus 80%,And one of the fifty years,How can I promise?。”
“You are confused.。”
The old man is a distinctive look,“You can imagine with the disadvantage,You are too tender,After ending the war,We re-talk。”
Toned,He shook his head,“Original,Your private requests me to support your competition of black gold star,I also think you have your heart.,Will fight for us this pulse,You think about it now,At that time, I helped you blocked how much conspiracy calculation,How much strength is?”
“In recent years,You have a year to pay for the family a year.,Nowadays lead to war,I have grinded your mouth for you.……”
The old man is bitter,“Fifteen years of war……Night Ji,Fifteen years,You have not ended the war,Do you think,Even if you don’t ask for a family,You can keep your star.?”
Night 姬 low eyebrows,in silence。